Friday, January 1, 2010

{a fresh start}

How can you NOT start 2010 off right living here... Beautiful, Sunny North County... Encinitas. I moved to San Diego in 1994 & have never looked back. I lived down south because I went to San Diego State {amazing & so much fun} for college & then ended up in Encinitas as a store owner, wife & mother of 2. Wouldn't change my life for the world. I do have to say North County is the most magical & special place on earth.

January 1st started off perfect...
Ryan got a new Radio Flyer Tri-cycle for Christmas {ok, a little bit before Christmas {I couldn't wait to give it to him}} so we're trying to teach him how to ride it... Sean strapped his leash from his surfboard on it... So we could pull him. Yaaa that was a disaster... Tomorrows another day! Practice makes perfect!
Ryan taking a little break from riding... Showing off his new adorable t-shirt {Ebb & Flow}!

Taylor riding her heart out. We got Taylor this old vintage Schwinn Cruiser {check it out here}... I think she will be getting a new bike {light & fresh, something real for her to have fun with}. Not that she can't ride it... It's so heavy so it's very hard for her to ride. But, Taylor does pretty well under the circumstance. I think if she rode her bike everyday for a week she would shed 10 pounds. I need to ride that thing.. HA HA HA

Little water break & a princess wave... Cheers!

Well, well, well... Ryan found my worst nightmare... A cat {I have massive allergies to cats & dogs... BAD}! The pictures were pretty cute though... You should have heard me, "Ryan, be nice... Gentle". He did listen. Thank God Ryan didn't want me to hold him after he played with that cat. Don't get me wrong I like animals I just can't be around them. {boo}
Nice kitty!
For all you Encinitas locals... What's this? I had to test you! Please do tell...
The kids played
Then I tried to take a picture with the hubby for Jan. 1st, " memory"... Hmmm somethings wrong. I have about 10 shots like this. Opps
{Round 2}... Not bad. I need more pictures of the two of us. Even if it's like this, it's something... Too cute!
Now the morning is done... Ryan is running to the car.
As my mother & father call it... We ran the dogs this am... Now it's time for Ryan's nap. Nice!
I hope each & everyone of you had a wonderful New Years day... The Scully family sure did! I'm still working on my resolutions... I want them to be real, stick to, & good... Nothing cheese or non-touchable.


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