Monday, June 27, 2011

summer lovin


Friday, June 24, 2011

little nervous

I'm off to see Cars 2 tonight with 3 kids... Oh My what did I sign up for? I know we're going to have a blast! Ryan will not stop talking about this darn movie. From the moment he wakes up he walks into my bedroom & asks for a Cars 2 birthday party. 1.) I'm still a sleep & my black out blinds are still down & 2.) Ryan's Birthday isn't till April. So you get my point that he's a little obsessed right now. Do you feel my pain? I did promised him we could go tonight. Yippie for me! Then I had to go & open my big mouth & let Taylor invite a friend... Oh let me remind you all Daddy isn't going tonight. It's just me, myself & I! I can do this... It will be fun! So if you see me at the movie theaters tonight just ignore that I have tied all 3 kids together on a huge rope & I have a large drinking object in my hand.  Keep on walking... lol  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend... Any good plans? Please tell!!! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

fun on a whim

Remember this post {here} well we had a blast putting together one of the Pacific Stations 1 bedroom condo. I can't even tell you how much I had on my plate that week. Mom had her surgery, I had 2 huge projects in construction stage & my daughter was graduating from preschool, we started interviewing for our front store & then I had to run the store. When it rains it sure pours! Gotta love life! Mom is recovering very well... She's been working, but leaving early. I've been manning pretty much everything right now... I love it, but I'm ready for a little quiet time. So when I realized I had committed to this little local adventure. I will admit I panicked at first, said a few not so nice words & then said, its OK I can pull all the furniture from our store. Thank goodness I'm an Interior Designer that has a retail store as well. Lucky! So I picked... They loaded & WA LA this is what you get. 
{before family room}
1st layer of furniture delivered...
{Taylor Slip Covered love seat, Hunter Wing back chairs, vintage bamboo, vintage Persian rug, European linen pillows... All available at the rustic rooster}
Adding the accessories...
{Exquisite rustic rooster signature blue & white pottery, Vintage cabinet, coastal sea fans, ivy topiaries... all available at the rustic rooster}
{getting pretty}
{French Market basket, old pine side table, blue & white platter... All available from the rustic rooster}
Here's the dining room... 
{Custom book shelves, vintage accessories, linen pillows... All available from the rustic rooster}

The property management at the Pacific Station didn't want drapery/blinds put up... Plus, they didn't want a lot on the walls. I guess so they didn't have to putty up holes & re-paint. I  completely understand. That took a load of me... Well, I hope you enjoyed your little tour. Despite everything that was on my plate that week I had a blast doing it. We definitely had a lot of fun on a whim!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

new... new... new

1.) Carved box
2.) Corner Shelf/bookcase
3.) Funky Table with Leaf
4.)Bamboo Chair
5.) Vintage Buffet
6.) Side Table
7.) Drop Leaf Table
::One Leaf Up::
8.) Pail
9.) Night Stand/Side Table
10.) Side Table/Dry Sink
11.) Dresser
12.) Desk
13.) Milk Crate
14.) Dough Bowl
15.) Night Stand/ Side Table
16.) Book Shelf
17.)Dresser with Waterfall Front
18.) Long Dresser
19.) Yellow Shelf
20.) Tall Cabinet
21.) White Dresser
22.) White Rustic Side Table
23.) Industrial Stool
24.) Desk
25.) Coffee Table
26.) XL Rustic Crate
27.) Coffee Table
28.) Side Table/Cabinet
29.) Rustic Stool
30.) Stool
31.) Industrial Cabinet
32.) Side Table/Night Stand
33.) Mirror

If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing
please call the rustic rooster,

become a fan

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Monday, June 20, 2011

friendly reminder

  Today is just glorious! I've been on cloud 9 all day with this weather. I do think Summer is officially here!

 Wanted to remind everyone that the
 rustic rooster sells Ivy Topiaries.
They're fabulous!
The perfect accent in any room...
No joke {even pretty in a bathroom}!
Save a trip to Home Depot & Stop by the rooster!
{we would love to see you & chat}

Friday, June 17, 2011

being patient...

Is extremely hard for me! When I want something I want it now. I know that sounds bad, but I have to be honest with all my readers. So when I ordered this 3 piece gorgeous hutch for a client I had to wait.... & wait.... & wait! No joke I believe it took over 3 months plus to get. The process to find the reclaimed wood, build, stain, then stain again, then paint & I'm sure paint again... took forever! It was well worth the wait... Oh my gosh it's gorgeous! I do have to say it turned out AMAZING! Here's a peek at it...
 Being patient does pay off...  {huge smile}!
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