Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend {recap}

It was absolutely beautiful this weekend in San Diego...  So Sean & I I jumped at the opportunity to get our little ones outside. The rain has kept us cooped up & crazy. We pumped the air up in our bike tires, shined our seats... Put  our helmets on & took off to Mission Bay. It's such a perfect place to take the kids for a simple & stress free bike ride. Plus, in the middle of our ride there's a wonderful park that the kids play at for hours. We biked back to the car got some lunch & every one was happy & super tired {Ryan}!

Then I decided to stop by one of my design clients homes because their floor was just completed... I was dying to see it! It turning out fabulous! They unrolled one of their newly purchased rugs... I can't believe how much everything is starting to come together. I'll show you more pictures later. So exciting!

Once the day was done... Right before bed I started reading Taylor Pippi Longstocking. I feel she's at that age where her mind is racing & she's creating little worlds in it. Isn't the imagination wonderful! Taylor's my little Pippi!

Hope everyone had a glorious weekend like we did! 

Friday, February 25, 2011

fabric choice number...

3 is the winner!

Ralph Lauren meets Cowtan & Tout blended in with a little Irish linen &  woven wood shades. Oh that's the most wonderful combination ever! To be honest with you I'm a little jealous of my new client... She's chosen some amazing fabrics & just wait till you see what's going in her home {new sofa, chandelier, coffee table, artwork, pottery...etc.}.   All the other fabric selections were beautiful... But this one just screamed her name & house when she looked at it. I wish I had video taped her reaction... It was priceless. No joke, she was glowing & beaming with a smile from ear to ear. You know you have a winner when that happens. I'll keep you posted on client  number 3 {MJ that's your new name... # 3}!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

new... new... new

1.) Fabulous white wicker chair
{we have 2}
 2.) Oval rattan tray table SOLD
3.) Cottage little side table with 1 drawer
4.) Matching nights stands
5.) The beast coffee table- SOLD
4.) Night stand or end table... What ever floats your boat!

If you have any questions on
 measurements or pricing please
call the rustic rooster,

sitting pretty

Hello... Would you not just love a bathroom like this. I know I would! I designed this bathroom for a man... That's why I call it the "Mans Man Bathroom" {remember here}. Bringing in Chocolate brown, navy blue & crisp white makes this room very masculine... Shhh still with a feminine touch for guests. Now this bathroom is next to get a little accessory L.O.V.E. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

take a peek


I got a text Monday afternoon from my clients... It said, We're coming home Wednesday at 1pm! I about had a panic attack in the car... They were originally coming home Thursday afternoon.  After I calmed down... Got my toes done I felt so much better & knew everything would be ok.   So I decided to keep myself on track & do what I always do right before an install... Grab the bottle of Ibuprofen, drink my coffee straight up... Put both kids in Pre-School all day &  chugged away at the house. I still have till 1pm {maybe till 2} today to do the final touches... Get plants & clean. So if you see me at Home Depot talking to myself... You know why. Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek of my install... Everything is turning out fabulous!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

on display

 I feel like my jewelry sometimes is on display in my house.  Really I have no where else to put it. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!  So where do you put your jewelry?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

you can sit down now

These absolutely stunning bamboo chairs arrived on Friday for a design project I'm working on... They're just Breathtaking! To be honest with you they look better in person!  The finish, texture, quality, look... Everything is perfect!  {I see 4 of these at my house}

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!
 We're going to go & see  gnomeo &  juliet today... Can't wait!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

let's pretend...

Ok this might be fun... Let's pretend you're my new clients. Hi {insert smile &  hand shake}! Which fabric grouping would you pick for your home & why? By the way... I presented yesterday morning to my new client these selections. It went very well! Her reaction was priceless &  perfect. Good choice Mary Jane, Good choice! She loved number {ya right like i'm going to give her selection away}! Ok new clients pick away...  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

oh what a day

I know people say this all the time, but I just have to say it too... I really love my job!!!! I wouldn't trade my career for anything! Being an interior designer, besides a mother & a wife truly completes me. I have visions at night of a project I'm working on {or want}... When I wake up the next morning I call my client with my vision. Who does that!?! Shhh only crazy people do! lol

Right now I'm currently starting a huge install {day 1, sorting of goods}... My favorite part of the job. Seeing the results of your blood sweat & tears come together. I'm surprising my clients who are away on vacation with a beautifully completed home. I wish I was a fly on the wall... Would love to see their faces right when they walk in or hear what they have to say.

Kelly & John here's a sneak peek...
More little peeks to come!
{insert huge smile}

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

new... new... new

1.) Bamboo waste basket
   Getting ready to be painted!
2.) Kids Chair
 {not a toddlers chair... Perfect for an elementary school kid}
Getting ready to be painted!
3.) 2 Door cabinet - SOLD
Getting ready to be painted!
4.) 2-Tier square coffee table - SOLD
 :: another view ::
5.) Magazine holder with 1 thin drawer on the bottom
Getting ready to be painted!
 6.) The Box - SOLD
Getting ready to be painted!
 7.) Old wooden box... Oh yes it's OLD! - SOLD
 8.) Gorgeous highboy dresser
 9.) Vintage rice bucket - SOLD
 10.) Soft grey stool...Original paint - SOLD

If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing please call
 the rustic rooster,

perfectly placed

I just love a series of pictures {or plates}... Framed, tacked/glued or even licked {just kidding} on a wall. It screams perfect to me! This little sleeping nook is complete now.  Not too much, not too little... It's just right. Holly your mother is very lucky 1.) to have you as a daughter &  2.) be able to sleep there! Move over mom this rooster chick is coming over to sleep. Slumber party time... Holly, everything looks perfect! Nice job!

Monday, February 14, 2011


I can't even tell you how lucky in love I am... I have married the most wonderful man ever! Sean, I love you with all my heart & soul! Just waking up next to you is the greatest gift... Thank you! These images bring a smile to my face. They're beautiful, clean & real... What love is all about!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

a crafting i will go...

I think somethings truly wrong with me right now! I went to Costco with the family yesterday to pick up Taylor's new glasses {that's another blog post}. We picked up a few essentials for the home &  then it happened. I locked eyes on this book... I knew it had to come home with me. After jumping over the Levi jeans, Adidas runners & speedo woman's bathing suits I grabbed it.  Was it the clean simple cover? Martha smiling at me? The fact that the sewing machine looks so pretty?  What is it? It was screaming my name...  TAKE ME HOME! I'm so in a crafting mood.  I want a crafting party. Tessa over at Nine and Sixteen wants a crafting party too {look here}. How fun would that be {to drink & giggle}! I need a craft project that's simple & easy to start off with. With all my currant & now new design clients this year I haven't had a single moment to spare  {no joke}...  When I do get a moment it's with my family.  

I have to warn everyone... I have a disease! Wanna know what it's called? "instant gratification + a.d.d + crazy woman + never listens + I can do anything - slow + needs to clean out her ears = one messed up woman *loca* disease". Yup, it started in high school.  My mom saw all the signs &  tried to get me the correct drugs, but it was too late. She lost me to the dark side!  

When I start something I want it done ASAP. I have the vision & I know exactly what I want. Don't get me wrong I'm a very hard worker that will work till my knuckles are bleeding or till I can't keep my eyes open any more. I just want things done fast. Realistically, I want the mess gone.  Plus, I like to stay really organized.  Results are what I thrive for. That's not a bad thing?  A normal person would A.) ask for help or B.) walk away for a minute &  then come back to complete the project or C.) stay organized throughout the project or D.) clean the mess up after. Nope not me! OK now I hire out. I try not to get myself into a bad melt down situation anymore. I already have to deal with 2 kids under the age of 5 so you understand my pain. lol 

This year {2011} my goal is to start something &  finish it on my own...  I did just finish a chalkboard wall in our kitchen. Looks pretty cool if you want to ask me. I got the push & extra motivation from my friend Alexis over at Fern & Feather {take a peek at her wall}. I'll show you mine later. 

So my crafting has begun...

I'm gonna try something in this book that's simple & lets go with simple again. Get my drift {wink}. I've got to do this for me! Mom can I get a sewing lesson from you again? I will listen & be patient this time. Please! I have the desire to do this now.  

OH I all most forgot... Look how inspiring my friend Tina is over at Swinging From The Chandelier {take a peek at these dolls she made}. 

Do any of you have this book or my disease?
Do tell!
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