Saturday, December 27, 2014

holiday hours

{storefront and interior design hours}

12/27: open - 10am to 2pm

12/28: closed

12/29-30: open - 10am to 2pm 
{interior design office open}

12/31-1/1: closed
{happy new year}

1/2: open - 10am to 5pm 
{interior design office open}


Thursday, December 25, 2014

merry christmas

Merry Christmas from my family to yours... 
I hope your day is beautiful and bright!

Taylor{8} * Alexandra * Ryan{6}

Sunday, December 21, 2014

happy sunday...


Saturday, December 20, 2014

the perfect gift... {idea}

I don't know about you... But if I received stunning blue and white pottery for Christmas, we would be best friends {FOREVER}!!!!!! Remember the rustic rooster has amazing gifts for family and friends!!!! Stop by today and pick them out... We won't disappoint!!!! HURRY... 


Friday, December 19, 2014

stocking stuffer {2}

How cute to stuff a few finger starfish in your stockings... Let them pop out on the top. The perfect accent to a coastal Christmas!!!!! 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

stocking stuffer {1}

Need help stuffing your Christmas stockings... We sure can! Stop by for a bar of Sea salt soap... Your family or friends will love this as a gift! I know I would {hint}!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

happy sunday...


Friday, December 12, 2014

feeling it

You bet i'm feeling this post today... Good Morning everyone {smile}! I love starting my day with a big pep talk and a little pat on my back! Why not... I'd rather be positive then negative. So of course this post screams positive vibes to me! Stunning white farmhouse design, to a yummy classic cashmere camel coat and a fun and playful flamingo piece of artwork... So much cheer! How do you start your day off? Hopefully on a positive note! 


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

new... new... new

 Round kitchen/dining table 
{with 2 leaves} 

TONS of different size and style Blue and White pottery arrived!!!! 

1.) Fresh batch of finger starfish

 2.) Custom St. John Bench
{pick a color}

 3.) Adirondack rocking chair
{we have 2... buy it as is or have it painted}
 4.) Wall hooks

 5.) Blue and White stripe pillows 
{20 x 20}
 6.) Large black mirror

 7.) Black nightstand/end table
{we have 2... matching}

 8.) Garden bench
{buy it as is or have it painted}

9.) Many different size wood trays

If you have any questions on 
measurements or pricing 
please call the rustic rooster, 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

christmas parade {encinitas}

Tonight's the night... It's the Encinitas Christmas Parade! Yaaaaaaa A definite must on our Christmas to-do list for me and my little ones... Here's a little friendly advise if you've never been before... Get down to the 101 by 3:00pm so you can be guaranteed a parking spot, wear warm clothes and bring chairs and a blanket... Highway 101 shuts down at 4:00pm... It will be so fun!!! Can't wait for another family tradition! 


Friday, December 5, 2014

taylor chair

***** CHRISTMAS DEAL ***** 

We're offering 20% off the Taylor Chair Chair {slip covered or upholstered - com or stock fabrics}... If you order by Saturday,  December 7th... You've got a deal! So what are you waiting for... get into the rustic rooster and ORDER!  

930 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024
{760} 436-2171

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

pretty little chair


Well, Taylor and I have tried our hardest to make this adorable little chair work in her bedroom. Unfortunately, it just doesn't fit. I was going to have it re-upholstered... So now you can {wink}. If you're interested in purchasing this chair, please email me at or call the office, 760.436.2171.



Tuesday, December 2, 2014

mr. jingles...

So do you have an elf? We sure do... His name is Mr. Jingles.  My little ones absolutely adore him. Shhh I secretly do too! Seeing them jump up in the morning out of bed to see what he has done next is so cute! Plus, they're listening to me {kind of... wink}. All I have to say, is I believe in Christmas and so do my children! Making my children's Christmas experience even more magical, I'm 100% in! What fun things does your elf do... Please share!!!!


Thursday, November 27, 2014

so blessed...

Happy Thanksgiving 

rustic rooster interiors wants to thank you all for the care and support everyone has shown us for the past 15 years {huge smile}! The last two years my family has been tested so much that your love has helped us stay strong and conquer forward in life and in business. If you all weren't in our lives I don't think the rooster would have made it! No joke! They do say... God only gives us what we can handle in life. We're handling it and moving forward because of your kind words and fabulous coffee dates {wink}. We are truly blessed for each and everyone of you... Thank you. Thank you, Thank you! 

I am thankful for! 

1.) My children... 
{I was blessed with the most beautiful kids in the world... Yes, I have challenging days, but that's normal as a mom. Taylor and Ryan remind me everyday how truly lucky I am. They listen to me and comfort me when I need extra love and strength! My eyes are wide open and I'm learning so much through each of them! Life is too precious... I will hold onto these little ones forever! Truly, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have them... Taylor and Ryan mommy loves you so much! Thank you!}

2.) My mom...
{You have been by my side from day one... Your honest love and support has helped me through my darkest times. You have never let me down... You build me up and I love you so much for that! When something happens you look at the bright side and steer the boat the other way! You are my rock... Remember I will always be by your side... Forever! Thank you!}

3.) My brother...
{WOW... We're only 14 months apart and I love it! The fire inside me stays lit because of you. Nick, I love how you make me sit on the other side of the room and really think! You know I am spitfire... Thank you for slowing me down and making me remember there's always two sides to a story! Plus... You have a such a kind heart. You always stop what you are doing just to help me and my kids.  Taylor and Ryan love your patience and strength that you show them daily. You help them so much it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you!}

4.) My health... 
{I did lose a lot of weight from my 2 years of craziness. I'm luck that I didn't get sick in the process. I have never felt better internally and externally. My health is what makes me go forward and realize that my kids see what i'm doing. So every day I try and show them to exercise and eat healthy. I feel that you can change your health... All it takes is starting small and slow. You can do it! I'm trying so hard to keep up my exercise routine and feel good about me! Thank you!} 

5.) My business...
{You have seen the ups and downs with the economy... You've been loved to death... You have been yelled at... And slightly neglected, but over all you have never shut the doors on us! 15 years and growing strong, baby! I have felt every emotion with my business... Not going to lie this is basically having a 3rd child. You have let me explore what I've wanted to do in my work and let me! Even if you know I'm going in the wrong direction... You bend and let it happen. Thank you!}

I am truly thankful for or all that I have! I wouldn't give it up for the world... Thank you!

gobble gobble

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

{my} house of the day

Oh you're so pretty... You stand so tall and elegant! I wish I could go inside and see what you're really all about! Your siding  and black shutters tell me that you're pretty important! I can hear the clanking of diner plates being set, music softly playing in the back ground and little ones giggling as Baxter the dog rolls in the dirt! Ahhh the life of a grand home! Yes, you are definitely my house of the day! We need more houses like this here in Southern California {hint hint}! Shine bright pretty house... Shine bright! 


Saturday, November 22, 2014

today's the last day...

So now that Thanksgiving is quickly approaching us... OMG it's less than a week away {4 days to be exact}! I'm sure you're freaking out about your seating {do you have enough... omg nothing matches and everything is broken}, table top {what tablecloth am I using... should I have a little or big flower arrangement on the table}, food {should I wake at 4 am or 5am to get cooking... who's gluten free or a vegetarian}... Outfit {ahhhh what am I going to wear... casual or fancy}! OMG! Ok I can help you! {one} take a deep breath and {two} just listen to me and stay calm! I can help you in the seating department!  I have "the" chairs for you... Look above! 

Just call today... Monday, November 24th Our Interior Design office is open... They will be able to take your order over the phone.  


{Interested in rustic rooster's full interior design services... Please contact our design team, 760.436.2171}

Thursday, November 13, 2014

new... new... new...

1.) Primitive worktable... All original paint with 1 drawer & bottom shelf
{would be great in a kitchen as an island... Add a marble top and industrial casters!}

{different view of primitive table}

2.) Highboy dresser
{pick a color}

3.) Highboy dresser
{pick a color}

 4.) Buffet
{pick a color}

5.) Pine coffee table
{pick a color}

6.) Fun pineapple arm and armless chairs
{pick a color}

 7.) Vintage blue desk hutch
{comes in 2 parts}

 8.) Vintage white cabinet

 9.) Black side table

 10.) Black French leg buffet/dresser

11.) Desk chair
{pick a color}

 12.) Kitchen/Dining room chairs
{pick a color}

 13.) Outdoor Garden Chairs
{pick a color}

 14.) Sea foam vintage hutch

15.) Black coffee table with 1 drawer

16.) Vintage white dresser 

17.) Square kitchen 

{close up of table}

If you have any questions on 
measurements or pricing please call 
the rustic rooster, 

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