Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BIG day tomorrow ...

Tomorrow's the BIG day... I have a HUGE Interior Design install. Soooo excited! I've been prepping for weeks now for this project. I love when the day finally arrives. Can't wait to show you some pictures of the before & after. It's going to be gorgeous! Just wait...
I leave you with one question...
What's in your Picnic Basket this summer?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Inventory...

1.) 8 Drawer dresser

*Width -43" Depth-14" Height-35.5"

2.) Black rectangular table - SOLD

*Width-42"Length-71" Height-29.5"

3.)Dark wood drop down table.... Pick a paint color!

*Length- 45" Width- 35.5" Height- 28.5"

4.)Round little side table...Pick a paint color! - SOLD
*Diameter- 19.5" Height- 27"

5.) Long Solid maple dresser ...Pick a paint color! - SOLD

*Width- 71.5" Depth- 19" Height- 32"

6.)Tall skinny 7 drawer dresser ...Pick a paint color! - SOLD

*Width- 19.5" Depth- 16" Height- 49.5"

7.) Little kids desk...Pick a paint color!

*Width- 46" Depth- 19.5" Height- 26"

8.)Maple wood desk, great for kid's room or play room... Pick a paint color!

* Width- 48" Depth- 24" Height-30"

9.) Tall dresser... Pick a paint color!

* Width- 22.5" Depth- 15" Height- 44.5"

10.) Tall dresser ...Pick a paint color!

*Width- 33" Depth- 16.5" Height - 48.5"

11.)Armoir ...Pick a paint color - SOLD

*Width- 34.5" Depth - 21.5" Height- 66.5"

12.) French Leg low long ... Pick a paint color!

*Width- 59" Depth- 18.5" Height- 33"

13.) 1/2 Table ...Pick a paint color!

* Width- 25" Depth- 13.5" Height- 23"

14.)Cottage Coffee table ... Pick a paint color! - SOLD

*Width- 36" Depth- 36" Height- 16"

15.) 2 matching bamboo bar stools... Pick a paint color!
* Seat Height - 30" Back Height- 13" Total Height= 43"

If you have any questions

on measurements or pricing

please call rustic rooster,


Monday, July 27, 2009

New & a little old...

Inventory: New & A little old...
1.) Black vintage chair

2.) Oval Shell mirror

3.) Black chunky cottage coffee table - with a drawer

4.) Oval gold mirror... You can have it painted!

5.) Vintage old wood sign... Fun for a bathroom!

6.) Oval Vintage turquoise mirror - Original color

7.) White Vintage original school desk

8.) Medium Size mirror - Painted - Aqua color - SOLD

9.) Small mirror - Painted - Aqua color

10.) small mirror - yellow - SOLD

- 3 mirrors & desk clumped together... Too cute!
11.) Vintage old cabinet... great ANYWHERE... Play room, dining room, entry, kids bedroom or even on a patio! Love this piece!

12.) Vintage white oval side table - original paint

13.) Vintage chair - original paint - SOLD

14.) vintage hutch (2 pieces) ... needs to be painted... pick a color!

15.) Armoir... needs to be painted... pick a color - SOLD

16.) red side table... perfect! - SOLD

If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing
please call
rustic rooster,


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello ...

Hello my blogger friends . . .
Sorry for the lack of posts. I don't know if it's the heat or the humidity that's making me sooooo tired these last few days. No, I'm not pregnant... (little note to all blogger followers... No more bambinos are coming out of me! All done in the Scully household with kids!) I'm going to guess it's both, heat & humidity! My energy level is about 20% right now . . . The rest is in the trash. That's the reason why I haven't posted anything in a little while. I do have tons of stuff to report like...

1.) My nail place... Got a great pedicure the other day.
2.) Found a new furniture source... really solid furniture!
3.) Had my hair cut... Love, love, love my hair cutter!
4.) Got 2 HUGE new furniture shipments... will post those pictures on Tuesday.
5.) Re-did a girlfriends dresser for her new baby girls room... super cute!
6.) Have another room install on Thursday... This is a BIG one!
7.) Going to do a rooster BLOG giveaway... Watch out for that one!
8.) Cleaned my car so I can now show you my rooster sticker on it!
9.) Got a new coffee table at my house. Gorgeous!
10.) My baby girl is pretty much swimming now!

See I do have sooooooooooo much to write about & I did take pictures too! I will post some fun, interesting, silly & good pictures, hopefully tomorrow.
Hope everyone had fun this weekend...
Hope to see you in the rooster soon!


I'm pretty picky about a few things (I'm sure you all will hear about them later)
... & getting my nails & toes done is one. I can't stand places that are dirty, everything is broken (taped together), smelly & too fast for my taste. Don't you go to get a pedicure to relax & enjoy being away from everyone & thing... I know I do. I discovered the most amazing nail salon ever in Encinitas. It's called Legends Nails. I can't tell you how happy I am when I walk in. They are sooo nice, clean, & Their GOOD! They take their time on your toes & nails. No... get in, get out, next please. Call Legends in Encinitas... Tell them Alex from rustic rooster sent you. You should make an appointment because they're small & can't take everyone at once. I'm sure they would, but just can't. It's a family run business & I like that! Once you become a customer they remember you and your family. My daughter loves going in too. Plus, theylove paintingher nails wile I'm getting mine done. Too cute! Support local businesses especially family run! They're amazing...

Exterior of Legend Nail - On 2nd Street in Encinitas

The PRE-Toes before my pedicure... Getting ready to get beautiful!

Interior shot 1 - Gotta love the mirrors!
Interior shot 2 - Ahhhhh the Spa chairs!
Can I get one slip covered in my house? That would be funny!

The choices...
I always pick 3 & then analyze right before they have to paint.

The work begins...

WOW... I'm looking good... !

TAAA DAAA I love the END result!!!
My toes look like they're glowing!

At work... I can't stop staring at them... Perfection!

One final look... at the office.
Sorry customers my toes are screaming ... LOOK AT ME!
I'm in love... Thanks Legends!
Legends Nail
960 2nd Street
Encinitas, CA 92024-4446
(760) 944-5166

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New & Needs a home...

Another truck load arrived . . .

1.) Small glass cabinet... pick a color.
2.) Chair... pick a color

3.) side table/small dresser... pick a color - SOLD

4.) long low french leg dresser... pick a paint

If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing
please call rustic rooster,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just in!

We've just received some pretty amazing new goodies! Everything from original artwork... to vintage pine... to unfinished furniture (pick a color)... to new accessories (we have never carried them before)!

Here they are piece by piece . . .

1.) White Vintage dresser

2.) White Bookcase/cabinet

New street graffiti artists ... they're 16 months
& 3 1/2
* had to see if you all were paying attention *

3.) Vintage old dresser on Casters . . .
Needs to be painted. You can pick a color for this dresser. SOLD

4.) Desk . . . Getting ready to be painted.
Perfect for your son or daughters 1st desk.

5.) Vintage Pine coffee table . . . Gorgeous!!!!!!!
This one will go ASAP! - SOLD

6.) Sea Foam Side table - SOLD

7.) Black round drum table - SOLD

8.) Vintage pine cabinet . . . Another must see quickly! - SOLD

7.) wall hanging shelf . . . getting ready to be painted. This one needs some TLC. Help pick a color! - SOLD

8.) Vintage mirror . . . Don't you just love the model (Melissa) in the reflection & the gross dirt mark on it. You would have thought I would have cleaned it first! Sorry!
By the way we just got a TON of new mirrors in. Will photograph those tomorrow. Amazing new colors.

9.) Fun new french leg drop leaf coffee table . . . Pick a color!

* * * * *

Another re-paint job for a customer that I would like to show you the before . . . Can't wait for you to see these 2 pieces when were finished. They will look so good. Our customer has chosen Black as the color & new knobs.

* * customers own furniture - re-paint job * *

New accessories . . . Set of 3 bowls. great for ivy's, orchids, fruit or even tons of shells collected from the beach.

Come check them out!

We have new art work . . . It's original, beautiful & very reasonable. I've been secretly eyeing these pieces . . . Hmmm where can I put them?
Everywhere in my house! So my style!

* * * *

If you have any questions on

measurements & pricing,

please call the rustic rooster,


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