Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to School

My little bundle of joy is going back to school tomorrow...
Pre-school of course, but a big deal to Miss Taylor! We did the head to toe check... Clean hair, new clothes, new shoes, new lunch pail and even added in a manicure and pedicure courtesy of "mommy" salon! With a VA VA VOOM color, Hot Pink! She could hardly stand it... She was so excited! All Taylor has been talking about is seeing her friends and meeting the new kids... and she's a big girl now. I think my baby is growing up. Hope everyone who's little one(s) are going to school tomorrow for the first or returning time has a very good day! Off to get her clothes ready for tomorrow!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Scully's are off to Santa Barbara...
We're going on a much needed vacation!
Don't worry the rustic rooster is still
Sorry that I can't post all the new furniture that has come in & is being painted. Call or walk on in to the rooster...
930 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, California 92024

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I kind of like you...

Since I'm always looking for the latest & greatest for my interior design clients I stumble upon a lot of stuff...
Some GOOD & some BAD...
This time I came across these prints!

I Heart you very much... Come home with me... Forever!

I can see you in my Bathroom... Ahhh beauty, your perfect!

You can come too... I always have room for more birdies. We won't tell Sean... Shhh come over to my house!

AND YOU... I can see you in a boys room... All white with turquoise accents.... Can't give away all my secrets!
All prints available at the rustic rooster
930 south coast highway 101
encinitas, california 92024
* More prints available upon requests...
For example: Eggs, Coral, sail boats... etc.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trademarked & Registered!

Hello Blogger friends... I'm a little MIA for the next two weeks. My daughter Taylor is out on summer break... I'm spending some much needed time with her!

I do want to bring up something super important & very frustrating to me right now... I need to vent! Thanks for listening (who ever is)! rustic rooster is a trademarked & registered company. We hope to really grow BIG (carefully & smart) one day! So we wanted to take the correct & proper steps to do so. For all of you who don't know... becoming trademarked & registered is a very long & expensive process. Look at Target or Nike's logo they have an R in a circle. That's registered. We did it & legally have it! So that means no one can use your name or sell products like you with that name... Hello!!! You need to do your research when you start a company. You really do. It's not just about liking a name & getting an LLC it's more than that! Well, some of our customers have started to approach us & let us know that they have been super confused about all of these other rustic rooster's on the Internet. We apologize because we are the true one & only rustic rooster. Legally (have proof) we have been in business longer & so we do have the upper hand in all of this. Once again we have done our research! We have asked all of them kindly in a certified/documented ceased & desist letters from our Trademarking attorney to change their names. No one (actually 1 lady did do so... Thank you English!) has complied. We did get 1 phone call, 1 e-mail saying that they were changing their website (have not) and one nasty letter from an attorney obviously not a trademarking attorney (basically shot themselves in the foot because everything they said in the letter is exactly what we're fighting for... Hello!!!!!) When the economy took a turn for the worst out of respect for people going belly up we backed off & said we will approach them all later. Our company has been super strong & successful right now & we have finally gotten fed up with all the confusion they're bring our customers. I do want to state they better be ready... IT'S ON! Unfortunately, they all have no case to fight because we have all the documents to show & taken every single proper steps to become trademarked & registered.

©2000 - 2009, rustic rooster® inc.

All Trademarks are TM's and / or Registered TM's of rustic rooster
Please repect us and change your names... we are the one and only rustic rooster... FOREVER!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Picnic Basket...

Big stick Popsicles, Baby wipes, Spray sunscreen... & TONS of extra clothes.

This is what we took to The Concert by the Sea at Moonlight Beach.

Getting crowded... & HOT!

It was pretty fun for a little while... We had one cranky little boy... So we left.

Ryan wouldn't smile at me at all! Doesn't he look so miserable!
All he wanted to do was eat his big stick... & go home!
Ahh poor poor Ryan!
We will always have next summer...!

Interior Design

rustic rooster interiors looks forward to meeting you...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today, we're going to go to the Last Concert By the Sea down at Moonlight Beach from 3 to 5... I thought I would bring a picnic basket for all of us to enjoy some goodies! I want to get creative & surprise everyone for the last big concert.
So... What's in your picnic Basket?
I will tell you what's in mine... After I'm done packing it today... Surprise!
* * PHOTO: from the Lisa Porter Collection **
* Love her photos... *

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rember me...

Well, I'm going to give everyone a second chance...

Remember all these pieces of furniture that I posted before on the BLOG... Their waiting to get painted in the back garage... & need a color plus a great HOME.
Come check them out...
1.) French Drop Leaf Coffee Table

2.) Side table/night stand with drawer

3.) Cottage leg Night stand or end table with drawer - SOLD

4.)3 leg plant stand - or entry table - SOLD
5.)Jenny Lind magazine holder - SOLD
6.) Low long slightly modern dresser/buffet - SOLD

7.) Round gate leg table/sofa table - SOLD
8.) Custom bench.... We can have these made all the time

9.) round claw leg side table/night stand - SOLD
10.) (2) night stands/end tables with 1 drawer
11.) rectangular cottage coffee table - SOLD

12.) Small glass cabinet

13.) Cottage chair... We have 2 of them

14.) Desk

15.) Child mahogany school desk...
She insisted on being in the picture...Nice Taylor!

16.) (2) night stands... These just came in today. Pretty cute!!!

17.) Cottage chair with arms
18.) Desk
If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing,
please call
rustic rooster

Friday, August 14, 2009

The scene...

This is what it looks like in front of the rooster right now BLOGGER friends who don't live in town or haven't stopped by the rooster in a little while.
Thursday they started the work (attorneys from both sides had to be present when the sidewalk was pulled up. They needed to see what caused the sidewalk to raise) ... I could only take a picture when they were on a lunch break because it was a mess... Plus super loud!
Here are the roots that made the sidewalk buckle up & become uneven... I'm pretty sure what caused her to trip. So Sad!

Another view before they cleaned it up to cement...

Friday work... Getting better boys! By the way mom & I have become friends with the City of Encinitas workers who did this repair. So nice! Mom did threaten them if they ruined our flowers she would have to take them down. I silently warned them that she really would! Haa haa They loved her! Who doesn't...

Getting clean!

Nytro's side getting fixed... A lot of people trip over here too! Smart to be pro active & get that fixed ASAP!

The crime scene rope should be off by Monday. That's what they told us... I will keep you posted if I hear of anything about the lady who fell. Just pray for her & hope the City of Encinitas does the right thing.

NEW Furniture & New Accessories!

Welcome to the Floridian rooster... LOL

After this little set up was done I stood back... looked over at Melissa & said, Oh My Gosh this looks like a Floridian color scheme! I don't know why... Maybe the coral color on the night stands or the turquoise dresser. I love it! So fresh & alive!!!

* * * * *

1.) Yellow & Green painted watering cans

2.) Coral night stand/end table... 2 of them

3.) White French Leg dresser
No joke... Melissa & I moved this in & bammm it sold. I didn't even have time to post it today. This was in the back & finally got painted... I asked people to pick a color for it. You "all" had a chance! It's going in a baby's room. Adorable!

4.) New hand painted Oils of my FAVORITE Geraniums... LOVE them!!!
A must must must have!!!

5.) Red Asian Bowl...
Just came in
We have a few more colors in the back... Apple green & Black. Just ask to see the other colors.

6.) Vintage box... I have one & I love it! It goes ALL over my house. Right now I have it in the master bedroom on a huge dresser!
7.) Vintage Tray... Really perfect for pretty much everything. Candles, serving, at a desk, on an entry table, in a bathroom for perfumes or products... See it really can be used anywhere!

8.) Vintage box.... another one!

9.) More Blue & White ginger jar lamps arrived... Sorry that the shade is on. I feel like a plastic couch should be next to it. Mom has instructed me to keep the plastic on the shades because of dust, or people just grabbing the shade. Ok, I will do!
If you have any
questions on pricing or measurements
please call the
rustic rooster,


The rooster is OPEN today.... Friday, August 14, 2009

Sorry for yesterday...

As I said in the last post... The City of Encinitas was re-doing the sidewalk in front of the rooster & a little by Nytro. It was much needed!
To get the city to fix the sidewalk... Someone unfortunately, had to fall. It was "VERY VERY" bad! My mom, Thank God for her & another amazing gentleman (retired fireman) over at Nytro ran over & helped her. Mom called 911 & the gentleman held the lady who was on the floor. My mom said, she at first thought it was grandma when she heard the lady fall, & her heart stopped... Once she realized it wasn't grandma, she went into Kick Butt mode!!! The one thing you also should know about our family... In crisis/emergency mode we're on it! No time to freak out, cry or panic! You want us on your team!!!! The lady is still in intensive care here in Encinitas... Please everyone send her your thoughts & prayers... She needs it!
Hope to see you
at the rooster
during this construction ....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

rustic rooster
for today...
Thursday, August 14th.
The City of Encinitas is re-doing the sidewalks
in front of the rooster.
Very messy & loud.
We will be back open tomorrow...
Friday, August 15th, 10 to 5
Sorry for any inconvenience...
Call & leave a
message & we will
get right back to you tomorrow.

What we do best.... Before & After!

Beyond rustic rooster interiors one-of-a-kind
furniture & accessories...

We also refinish your own (from home, passed down from grandma & grandpa or you happened to stumble upon a piece in the alley) pieces. We can do it ALL!

Plus, if you see anything in the rooster we can CHANGE the color for you. Yes, we will add an extra fee to re-paint but, we can give you what you want.
It's all about YOU!

Take this piece for example... It was a rustic rooster fun find.

It's waiting so patiently to get painted...

original everything on it...

Taaaa Daaa It's all done! White & Bright

It was sold to a loving family... They took it home, but unfortunately the white color didn't work well... They new our return policy. 5 days from the date of your purchase... So they could return it. Plus, it wasn't on sale (sale items are final).

Well, one of my really good girlfriends happened to walk in to look for a baby changing table (dresser) for their baby on the way... She spotted this one & asked if we could re-paint it so it would fit the color scheme in the babies room.

She went to Home Depot & picked up a color of her choice.... Petal pink! Gorgeous!

She then wanted a softer & more feminine knob for the dresser. She found these at Home Depot too!

Perfect transformation....

Don't throw out that old & scratched piece of furniture. Let it have a second chance on life & give it a face lift... We all need one at some point in time (I know I will!). Just think a new look for a pinch of the cost... You can bring in the piece, pick the color & we take care of all the rest. Just e-mail ( a picture of the piece (s) that you would like to be re-painted & a little description of the piece (s) & we will e-mail you back a free estimate.
So easy!

rustic rooster
930 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024

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