Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BFF's . . .

I had to post these pictures of Taylor & Chloe . . . They really touched me tonight! These two adorable little girls really have known each other since day one and they truly love each other. They have a bond that is too cute to watch. For example, I dropped Taylor off a little late to pre-school the other morning and when she sat down at snack time Chloe leaned over all the kids just to say Hi to her Little Buddie. Ahhh Chloe! They just glow when they see each other. When Chloe was sick, Taylor kept asking me, is Chloe all better? When she's better she can come over for a play date? I hope she feels better soon! I had so many more pictures, but thought I would share these with you. Chloe's little pre-school hugs in the morning are melting and Taylor's loud, bye Chloe is very lasting! That's true friendship . . . that will hopefully last a lifetime!

TAYLOR Scully & CHLOE Roche . . . Best Friends Forever!

3 Years Old

Back to the Office

Well, I'm back to work after a wild and crazy weekend. As I sit at my desk I'm trying to figure out where to start. What do I tackle first? The rustic rooster furniture store has been super busy and the interior design as well . . . Knock on wood! I have my feet in both departments right now. Where do I begin . . . ? I guess I will start by showing some new rooster pieces of furniture . . . Love both of these pieces, especially the colors & multi-uses! Cool & coastal!

1.) This is a work island . . . but really could be used for anything.
Potting table in your garden, an entry piece, baby changing table,
island in a dressing room, work island in the
kids play room . . . How fun to pull up some metal or painted
bar stools.

2.) This piece could be used as an end table in a living room,
nightstand in any bedroom or even in a baby's room next to a rocker, back door shoe rack and even a newspaper filer/organizer.
Endless uses . . .
That's the fun about rustic roosters furniture pieces!
Call the rustic rooster, (760) 436-2171 if your interested or e-mail me.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Get our HOT rooster products . . .

When I was on Martha's Vineyard a few years ago I loved seeing all the cars with the sticker of the Black Dog (plus, I love seeing the stickers on the cars here in California . . . Takes me back to the Vineyard, great memories!). If your wondering the Black Dog is a restaurant and has a clothing store too. You can check them out online. So when I got home from our trip Mom and I decided to have the rooster start T-Shirts, coffee cups and car stickers for everyone to enjoy. We did and they are selling like hot cakes. Thanks!!! Now we're in the process of starting a t-shirt line for little kids too. Ryan my son is wearing an rooster idea t-shirt. I have been getting comments left and right. Keep them coming! If your interested in any of our rustic rooster products please e-mail me or call the rooster.
Do it . . .
roosterize your car, shine in our t-shirt & sip your morning hot coffee or tea with the rooster mug !

Have a great Monday . . .

Saturday, March 28, 2009

rooster is closed today

Today is Saturday, March 28th . . . rustic rooster will be closed for the day. It's my daughter, Taylor's 3rd birthday party. We're throwing her a Carnival. Sorry, for any inconvenience . . . See you back at the rooster Tuesday, April 2nd

Have a great weekend . . . It's beautiful!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A perfect end to a perfect day!

Yesterday, I had the best time after work with my kids and a dear old friend and her little one. The kids played in the sand and got wet in the water. A perfect end to a perfect day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Color me Happy

I was looking through one of my clients baskets this morning to find a certain fabric and all of a sudden wonderful memories of this project came back to me. My client loved, loved, loved color . . . Bet you couldn't tell at all from these pictures. Very dull and boring, NOT! This job made me think outside the box and stretch myself. You need to do that once in a while so you don't get stuck in a rut! I had fun working with this family in Del Mar. Everything turned out perfect . . . I love it! All I have to say is, today was a great day for me . . . Color me Happy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My little Angels 3rd Birthday . . .

Today was my precious little ones 3rd birthday. I can't believe Taylor Michelle Scully is already 3 years old . . . I feel like I just found out I was pregnant. WOW! I know you think your child is the best, prettiest and smartest child ever . . . but Taylor really is. All I want to do is eat her up! She's getting so tall and beautiful. When I dropped her off at pre-school today the teachers still can't believe Taylor's only 3 years old. Her knowledge and strength always fool them. That's my girl. Keeping everyone alert!!!

My two PERFECT Baby Showers with my friends and family!

She's Here!!!

Taylor Michelle Scully

March 24, 2006

My father, Nick Sr. or as Taylor calls him Papa, holding Taylor . . .

Brother Nick Jr. holding Taylor with my mom.
Such a proud brother . . .

The Scully family when we were a team of 3 . . .

She was so young here! I love it when she cuddles with me or when she laughs and looks at me with her big blue eyes. So many beautiful memories!!!

Taylor and Sean . . . I love this picture. Look how happy Sean is. I remember this day very well. She was so comfortable and at ease with her daddy. Father daughter bond . . .

Taylor's really the godfather (mother) . . . Don't mess with her!

She's trying to hold 3 fingers up . . . Ha ha ha

My precious 3 year old girl on her 3rd birthday at her pre-school! She's wearing her bling, bling 3rd birthday t-shirt. I ordered that months in advance for her . . . So cute!!!

Sorry, for dragging on . . . But my family is very special to me. They comes first over everything . . . yes, even work! I make it very clear with my clients that I will drop everything for them. They completely understand. That's the clients you want . . . Understanding ones!

I would do ANYTHING for my family!!!! Our bond is so strong no one could break it!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Delivers Excellence . . .

My dear close friend Adrianne Smith . . . She's actually a big sister to me (a sister I never had) . . . Is the most AMAZING, TALENTED and BRILLIANT floral designer! I'm not just saying that because we have shared an office for over 7 plus years . . . She's really good!

Every wedding, party, holiday and corporate event . . . Is designed exactly to the client's wishes and wants. She doesn't have any package deals at all. Everything is created to and for you only! You really don't find that many talented florist now a days . . . But Adrianne really listens and understands her clients. The moment you book with her you never have to worry about her follow through or the finished product. Plus, her staff is fun, energetic and super helpful to her. Adrianne's jobs are completed very professionally.

I can't tell you how many compliments I get from her work. My clients love it when I give them an arrangement. All I do is describe my client, the room it's going in and WA LA . . . A masterpiece is created.

I had Adrianne do my wedding . . . Mine was very simple but, it turned out so elegant because of her suggestions. Exactly what I dreamed of. Plus, she did both of my baby showers. Forget the food or location . . . It was all about the flowers! Thanks A!!!!

In a few of these shots she used blue and white Asian pottery from my store, rustic rooster interiors. I just love the classic seaside look with these pots . . . Perfect for a coastal wedding!

Don't wait . . . Check out her website (www. asmithfloral.com) and book something special with her:

* Surprise birthday party for your husband, wife, mother . . .

* Your daughters or sons wedding

* Your son in laws wife's baby shower

The list is endless!

Hurry SAVE YOUR DATE with Adrianne Smith Floral Design

Some of the Photographs are by, Jennifer Dery


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