Friday, March 13, 2009

Absolutely Perfect!

I've been just fascinated by this seaside cottage. Is it the pale blue dutch door & shutters . . . What is it? First of all you don't don't really see many of these cottages here in Southern California . . . Why? They are so adorable, classic, easy to design & build. I wish we could get more builders to wake up & realize that the stucco boxes aren't cutting it anymore.

I've noticed the houses to move super fast without question even in this market are the seaside cottages. Watch & you will notice too. Drive through your neighborhood & look at all the homes with for sale signs on the front lawn . . . What style are they? You guessed it not your seaside charmer.

My husband & I have been looking for a new home & all I keep dreaming about is this cottage. Every time we walk up to a house I try & envision my dutch door & shutters. Some yes, some no. For those who know me . . . Can't you just picture me standing on the front porch! In due time I will get my little charmer! I will keep you all posted . . .

In my interior design I love reviving old cottages. I bring the charm back that's been lost. These are the types of pictures I keep on file in my design library.

I do have to say, this cottage is absolutely perfect!

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  1. alexandra, i love your new's about time!! just got back from being gone. after i scoot everyone out the door, i will spend time pouring over your blog with a nice cup of coffee. what a perfect way to start the day! i am so proud for you!!


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