Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hi my name is lucie

{lucie bench}

The Lucie bench is available at the rustic rooster...

{many different colors to choose from}

size: 24" L x 16" H x 12 1/2" D

hi my name is charlotte

{Charlotte bench}

The Charlotte bench is available at the rustic rooster...
{many different colors to choose from}

size: 30" L x 16" H x 12 1/2" D

hi my name is ryan

{Ryan step stool}

The Ryan step stool is available at the rustic rooster...
{many different colors to choose from}

Monday, November 29, 2010

ok ok ok

I know... I'm the last person on earth to see the movie, It's Complicated. WOW... It was sure worth the wait! I loved everything about it... Plot, People & Decor.

I have a huge soft spot & love for Santa Barbara so much that I would move there in a heart beat! No joke! My Uncle Tom {here}, who by the way totally looks like Alec Baldwin,

is thinking about purchasing a summer home in Montecito... Please {do it for me}! I would take care of the grounds, make sure all the beds were made, stocked & organized the fridge... Hello, I would even live there if you wanted me too! {wink} So after watching, It's Complicated, I got on one of my many Santa Barbara kicks again! OH the style up there, the houses are adorable, the look is perfect... OH everything is better in Santa Barbara {lol}. Isn't Meryl Streep's house {garden} & bakery in the movie to die for! Yes, Yes, Yes!

Shh... I'm pretending that's me & Sean in "my" bakery. Hello, I can bake {dream}, but only for my family. Not for the entire town of Encinitas... {lol} I'm so happy I finally saw this movie. It, was definitely well worth the wait for... Me at least. If you haven't seen it... Go! You'll love it!

A+ Review for It's Complicated!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving

gobble gobble...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

new... new... new

1.) Cabinet 2.) Black swivel bar stools - sold
3.) Desk
4.) French leg desk - SOLD
5.) Highboy dresser - SOLD 6.) Round black pedestal table

7.) Small dresser/writing desk - SOLD
8.) Vintage cream round pedestal table
:: close up of apron detail ::

9.) Low long buffet with door details - sold

10.) Black desk with top leather detail - SOLD

11.) Black highboy dresser
If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing please
call the rustic rooster,

loving all this... {wish list}

Pine dresser {favorite in my eyes}... Classic Birkin bag {timeless & on my Christmas list}

Alligator men's watch {never out of style}... Antique Persian rug {the perfect hand me down}

Monday, November 22, 2010

need a good laugh...

You've gotta watch the Target Christmas commercials...
I'm loving them right now!
My husband thinks it's me in every commercial.
I think it's the drive & passion that she has or her fabulous outfit. Thanks honey!
Good job target

loving all this... {wish list}

Outfit {simple & classic}... Vintage Frye Boots {on my Christmas list}
Kitchen {perfect & clean}... Donut {homemade & yummy}

Friday, November 19, 2010

heads up

I have a bit of bad news... The garage sale has been canceled for tomorrow {11.20.10}. The weather is awful {going to rain} & we're all battling a yucky cold. I will keep you posted when we have it...


I've been on a mission for the past few months to clean out my computer of old & unwanted photos... I'm trying to simplify & lighten the load everywhere {work & home}! So last night I stumbled upon this little girls room I did a while back... Gosh it sure brought back fun memories! Scalloped plates, pink & white cabana stripe drapes, tangerine nightstand, crystal chandeliers & a bed full of girly pillows! Love ya!
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