Friday, April 29, 2011

new... new... new

1.) Black cottage chair
{$ 53.00}
2.) Little black night stand
 3.) Sage Green 3 Drawer dresser
 4.) Red 3 drawer dresser
 5.) Black bamboo coffee table with glass top
 6.) Vintage tin bucket
 7.) Old French Market Baskets
{starting at $125.00 to $145.00}
 8.) Coral red octagonal table
 :: close up of table top ::
 9.) Black corner armoire
{$ 450.00}
 10.) Bamboo side table/night stand
 11.) Adirondack chairs {2 of them}
{$ 75.00 each}
- Ottoman {only 1}
 12.)  apple green Chinese box
:: new fresh flowers in the rooster... Gorgeous hydrangeas ::

If you have any questions on
 measurements please call
the rustic rooster,

i do

I do believe in fairy tales...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

i see you

Pretty cool hiding place for a washer & dryer! 

thanks m.o.m

Bethany thank you so much for Ryan's little bowtie! He looked so adorable on Easter Sunday! Actually he was the best dressed guy at the entire party! We just love your entire store! If you haven't heard of 42nd & Orange... aka M.O.M go check out their goodies! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

design stew

If you think about it... Designing a room is like creating the perfect recipe. You cook, bake & cook again until the big event... If you put too much of  this or that you  can mess everything up. As my mother always says, Don't guild a Lilly! So right now I'm starting another new interior design project... A mans office!   I'm gathering all my ingredients for my perfect stew!

A classic Persian rug adds the perfect amount of color to a room.
Very traditional lighting.
An old farm table as a desk.
A mans office isn't complete without a leather wingback.
& Old prints  to close the deal...

Now just stir it a few times {maybe shake it} & viola! the perfect mans office!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

new... new... new

 1.) Wooden step stool
 2.) Vintage Captains chair
{We have 2 of them.... They look a like}
$ 55.00 each
3.) Vintage Box
$ 42.00
4.) Red & Grey vintage box
$ 40.00
5.) Hmmmm what's this?
Come on in & check it out... It's amazing!!!
 6.)night stands or end tables
$ 125.00 
{1 left}
7.) Vintage metal dish
$ 19.00
 8.) Blue & white dish
$ 8.00
 9.) Vintage Paint by numbers
$ 47.00
 10.) Rooster pillow
$ 59.00
11.) Vintage round wicker basket
$ 10.00
 12.) Little pitcher
$ 12.00
 13.) Vintage Tin
$ 25.00
14.) Asian basket
$ 10.00
15.) Night stand
{In line to get painted... Pick a color} 
16.) Night stand / dresser
Look at this book case... It's a re-paint job. AMAZING!
Just wanted to keep you on your toes... We do RE-PAINTS of customers own furniture.
Call us or e-mail us... & we can give you a quote!

If you have any questions
 on measurements
please call the
rustic rooster 

bunny love

Remember these little guys {peek here} that I wanted to make for Taylor & Ryan's Easter Basket this year? Well, I did it & they were a huge success! Who would have thought two little handmade bunnies would win a 3 & a 5 year olds heart. Who would have thought?!?!

Easter Morning I could barely see let alone hear when the kids wondered into our bedroom at 6 am whispering, "Mom... Dad the Easter bunny came... Hurry get out of bed!" They scrambled out of the bedroom when they realized that mom was a dead log & didn't jump out of bed right away. I could hear them discussing their baskets.  It was too cute. Oh look you got Sponge Bob! Oh wow you got princesses... & then I  heard it... Oh my gosh look at what the bunny made for us. Bunnies! Ahhhh too cute! I like yours! You like mine? That's when I jumped up & had to really see for myself. I had a smile from ear to ear from that moment on!

So now I find them curled up at night holding them in bed. Aren't they adorable! The fabric that I picked worked out perfectly. I love the color combination together. Thanks Martha for making my children's Easter baskets perfect this year! {smile}

Did any of you make anything for your little ones this year?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

new... new... new

 1.) Yellow cottage chair... A real charmer!
2.) Double trouble urns with fruit.
Pretty on the outside but hard core in the inside!
Love these two...
3.) Black desk
4.) Round Coffee Table SOLD
:: close up of top ::
5.) Black matching chairs {4 of them} SOLD
6.) Vintage picnic basket... It even holds your wine!
That's a plus for me!
 7.) Sage Green side table or night stand
8.) Vintage garden chairs  {set of 3} SOLD
:: close up ::
9.) Vintage Garden chairs {set of 3}
10.) Square cottage coffee table
{getting ready to be painted}
 11.) Buffet/Dresser
{getting ready to be painted}
 12.) Low long dresser
{getting ready to be painted}

 13.) 3 Chairs
{getting ready to be painted}

 15.) Kids rocker - SOLD

16.) Round little claw foot side table
{getting ready to paint}- SOLD
17.) Old pine end table
18.) Sail boat print
19.) Basket
20.) Old navy blue nautical mirror
21.) Vintage box
22.) Set of 6 vintage original willow plates
23.) Globe {we have a few of these}
24.) Red vintage wood box
25.) Little chest
 If you have any questions on
 measurements or pricing please call
the rustic rooster,
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