Friday, April 1, 2011

nutella party

 Well, it happened... We had the long & anticipated Nutella party yesterday! Three little words best describe this get together... Perfect, Delicious & Silly.  I left for one in a total food coma & wanted to go home & sleep, but also educated on so many new & exciting Nutella recipes. Now my life is complete... Thanks girls! {lol}  There was peanut butter cookie Nutella sandwiches, Marbled banana bread with Nutella, Nutella cheese cake, Nutella stuffed pancakes, Nutella chocolate chip cookies, homemade Nutella stuffed into homemade croissants {amazing}... & so much more! Either you all are sick from reading this or drooling... Go with the drool! {wink}  

Alexis {fern & feathers } thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful get together. Girls... Grace {Grace Happens}, Greta {Ott family rules}, Bianca {bink & boo}, Michele {studio Surface}, Brandi {not your average ordinary}, Karin {Karin Grow}, Jennie {the white barn} &  Amber {The Girl is Craftee} ... Thanks for the laughs & memories! Oh so many I can't get out of my head! {hint}

* note:  I'm going to become a fan now on world nutella day fan page on facebook... I promised! {huge smile}


  1. What an awesome idea!! Think I might make that marble cake over easter...lovely party!

  2. How fun...this post made me hungry!

    xo kelley

  3. I just jumped on the Nutella bandwagon. Please post these recipes!



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