Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new... new... new

1.) White picnic coffee table

2.) Sea foam cabinet - SOLD

3.) Armoire with open bottom shelf

:: close up of bottom shelf ::

4.) Windsor chair - SOLD

5.) Cabinet with {side} drop leaf - SOLD

:: close up of cabinet :: -SOLD

6.) Little French Leg side table with bottom drawer {knob is in drawer}

7.) Little side bench - SOLD

8.) Tall, Tall Tall Highboy dresser.... AMAZING

9.) Little side table

10.) Powder blue Craft table

:: close up of craft table ::

11.) Straw flower custom funky nightstands... {2 of them} - SOLD

If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing please call
the rustic rooster,

you make me feel...

So clean & comfortable...
{molly frey interiors}
{molly frey interiors}
{molly frey interiors}
I love an uncluttered designer {Molly Frey} that's fresh & light.
Good Job Molly!
I tend to go a bit warmer in my colors & furniture...
But love to mix in white! White is my BFF. Please don't be afraid of white... White actually is your friend with kids, animals & even husbands... Hello it's called BLEACH!

Isn't it fun being inspired & learning new design techniques, ideas & tips from others... I love growing in my interior design! Every day is a learning process for all...
Never stop learning & growing!

Monday, March 29, 2010


would love my topiary to look like this {& stay alive}...

would love to jump in this bed {all about white bedding}...

would love this Persian rug in my master bedroom {how Ralph Lauren}...

would love to make this fabric into roman shades {gorgeous}...

would love this little beach cottage...

would love this in my living room {2 please}...

would love this as a coffee table {could use it anywhere}...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

the silent killer

Have you met the silent killer yet? Well, let me introduce him to you all if you haven't met him... His name is Eric & he's a personal trainer... OUCH! You will either LOVE him or HATE him. I'm kind of liking him right now though. I'm on my 4th training session with him & I'm feeling it. I guess that's a good thing {that's what he says}.

Eric isn't like most trainers. He's quiet, extremely polite, very gentle & way too nice! No joke at all! The first training session with him he asked me... How many reps could I do on squats.? I laughed {haven't felt my butt muscle since birth} & said seriously, 12! He was so kind & said, Oh well I was thinking more like 50, but we can start with 12. OK I think I love you Eric! LOL All the trainers I have met & worked out with in the past make me hurt so bad right off the get go. I can barely get to my car & can't walk for about a week after working out. Hmmm a little excessive I think in my book.

I feel a trainer is definitely like a business... Why kill your business on the 1st session. You need to make friends, get your client to love you & then get them hooked & BAMMM you look fabulous!
If you would like to train with the silent killer {i just call him that}... Call him for hours & rates. He's looking to add a few more clients to his list! His number is {805} 816-3313
Tell him Alex recommended that you call... Off for another training session {it's really Monday morning & I'm posting this}. I'm sooooo determined right now! Now even more since I decided that I'm really done having babies. The Scully clan is complete at 4!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

a touch of storage

In small spaces you have to be very creative... So instead of an end table that just collects dust, add a large basket to put toys, balls, shoes... etc. in. I tried for the longest time not to do this because I thought in my imaginary world that I live in I could pull off an end table & keep the house clean & presentable {organized}... Ya right. I put my smart hat on went to the rooster & shopped this large basket & WA LA... It was {one} of my best ideas yet! Try it... You will like it!

picture perfect

Finding these fabulous babies have made my life more complete... I can't tell you the joy I get from staring at them when I walk into my home. They're picture perfect in my eyes. Oh look, they have bamboo frames too... hmmm how funny is that! My love for bamboo is very very strong... I like how Kelley over at Polished Pebble said it, "Makes my heart go pitty pat like a new boyfriend!" So true Kelley... So true!

Friday, March 26, 2010

hard core

I have to say I found an amazing little find at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. You guessed it a kids belt. I was drawn to it because of its buckle & leather color. So I grabbed it so fast for Little man Ryan... Then I I realized it said, COORS all around it. Hmmm made me think a little & then I realized I wanted it! I though it would be pretty funny for Ryan to wear a Coors belt. Please don't think that I'm promoting drinking for my kids or any other kids. Oh believe me he wont be touching a beer bottle anytime soon... The only bottle he can touch is a milk bottle! Don't you just LOVE this belt? He looks so cute in it. Plus, I think the pants {gap kids Carlsbad outlets} help with the cuteness!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

new... hurry!

1.) Garden stool... I am so in love with this!

2.) Rooster
3.) Large & small lanterns... Perfect for summer time BBQ's
4.) Hurricanes
5.) Sea of new blue & white pottery
{small, medium & large}

6.) Black long dresser - SOLD
7.) Black buffet

8.) Pair of white parakeet book ends

9.) White ginger jars
{medium & large}
If you have any questions on
measurements & pricing
please call
rustic rooster,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what would you do?

Hello Blogger friends... Remember this POST?

If you found yourself in the following situation, what would you do?
You are driving down the road & come up to a stop where you see the three people sitting. As you get closer you see waiting at the bus stop three people; an elderly woman in desperate need of medical attention, your best friend, & the woman/man of your dreams. You would love to pick them all up, but your car can only hold two people, one of those being the driver. What do you do?
Everyone who made a comment on this BLOG POST. Thank you so much! Please e-mail me at:

with your
home address

I have something special to send you all!

By the way this is what my husband said was the correct answer:

Give my best friend the keys to my car so he can take the elderly woman to the hospital & sit there with the woman of my dreams.

small space

Taa Daa this is what's inside my lovely cabinet {old post here}. Pre-kids I used to have platters, table clothes, extra napkins... etc. then my wonderful kids came along & they needed a library in our house. I couldn't send them to the west wing so I decided that this would be the best place {in the living room}. I can close it up & not have to see the mess that they made inside. I do try & keep it organized... Because as I said before... I live in such a small space & if I let things get out of control Oh My Gosh I have a disaster in my house. Momma goes crazy when that happens. No one likes a crazy {mean} momma! LOL

happy birthday

Happy 4th birthday my sweet baby girl!
Taylor Michelle Scully

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

new finds

1.) Sea foam oval mirror - SOLD
2.) White low long bookshelf
3.) Precious white vanity with Mirror in the center
{sorry I didn't take a photo of it open, but it's perfect!}
If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing please
call rustic rooster,

i heart bamboo

I have a soft spot for bamboo... I do scope it out {all the time}. When I spotted this beauty... I grabbed it & ran fast! Isn't she lovely! Can't wait to show you my living room end tables. Now those are gorgeous!

small space

What do you think is behind these cabinet doors & drawers? I'll let you in on a little secrete... I live in a very small home with four people so I have to get creative about my space/storage really fast! Not kidding at all!
I do have to say that this cabinet is one of my favorite pieces in my home. I got it about 7 years ago from an amazing antique dealer. Everything is original from paint to hardware on this cabinet. I do admit I was a little worried to have my kids around it at first, but then realized I can't stop buying gorgeous antiques because of them & two this is my home not theirs. They had better learn how to respect furniture fast.
Can't wait to hear what you all have to say is behind these doors & drawers! Fire away!
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