Thursday, February 25, 2010

what would you do?

My husband e-mailed me at the office yesterday with this...
If you found yourself in the following situation, what would you do?

You are driving down the road & come up to a bus stop where you see the three people sitting. As you get closer you see waiting at the bus stop three people; an elderly woman in desperate need of medical attention, your best friend, & the woman/man of your dreams. You would love to pick them all up, but your car can only hold two people, one of those being the driver. What do you do?
Please respond to this situation in a comment on my BLOG & the answer that I'm looking for {think out of the box} will win a prize from the rustic rooster... I'm not going to tell you what the prize is, but it will be something really good {nice, special & awesome}! Well, their isn't really a correct way or an incorrect way to answer, but their is a certain answer that I'm looking for. Once I was told the answer it really made me think!
Get to thinking & responding everyone!


  1. I would get out of the car and let my "dream man" save the day and take the old woman to get the help she needed...and me and my best friend would take the bus to the hospital...

  2. I think that I would ask my best friend to Please take the elderly lady to the hospital so that i could hang out with my dream man ( who would be my husband of course:)Of course we would stop by the hospital to see how the lady was doing.

  3. swinging from the chandelier took my! I would take the elserly lady to the hospital and tell my best friend to bring the man of my dreams with her to the hospital! I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I let the poor elderly women go with anyone else (control freak in me). My best friend would understand and the man of my dreams would find that trait very very attractive.

  4. first i would call 911 for the old lady who is in DESPERATE need of medical help because this would be the fastest approach.. once she is in the safe hands of the paramedics, i would give my best friend a lift to wherever she needs to go, leaving dream man behind. besides, he's still a stranger, no matter how hot he is:) i would definitely leave my name and number with dream boy though and also get his:)

  5. dream man would probably already be attending to the elderly woman by the time I arrived on scene. My best friend, the mother that she is, would already be one the phone with emergency services. I would definitely see to the woman's care and let my best friend spend time with the man of my dreams filling him in on the best ways to win my heart! :)

  6. Wait WHY is my dream man at the bus stop again? Oh no! Is his mint 1956 convertible Porsche in the SHOP??! I would def stop and immediately call 9-11 for the woman. Then I would find something in my glove box to throw at my best friend b/c you know the tramp stopped her car, parked at the bus stop ONLY to hit on my man!!


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