Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We did it!

Tonight I made pizza with the kiddos . . . It was sooo good! I've made it before but, after trial & error from the first pizza this one turned out really amazing. I'm sure the next pizza will be the best one yet! Here are the ingredients I used (Momma Scully liked) . . . You can use what ever you want.

Pizza dough from Trader Joe's (also comes in wheat)

Trader Joe's Marinara Sauce . . . So good! I spread it all over the dough before I put any topping on.

Mushrooms, Roma tomatoes & Onions (I did use Canadian bacon & mozzarella cheese but didn't photograph it . . . Ooops! Sorry!)

Just about to put it in the oven to bake . . . 450 degrees for about 15 minutes (longer if you want it crispier) Just watch it and you can decided when it's done.

TA DA . . . WE DID IT!

OMG . . .

We have so many "NEW" pieces that have just arrived. We're trying to paint them to get them in the rooster . . . But we can't keep up. Everything is moving out too fast for us (not complaining at all). Stop by the rustic rooster & let us know which piece your interested in & the color you would like it to be painted . . . Or give us a call, 760.436.2171. I have to take more pictures tomorrow of more new furniture. I didn't have time to get all the pictures done & posted. Hope to see you this week!

1.) Low buffet . . . Perfect for a kids room, office or a window seat.

2.) French side table

3.) Little magazine rack

4.) Comfy Chair

5. ) Little two door cabinet . . . End Table, night stand or perfect for an artist (right next to a drafting table).

6.) Matching chairs . . . We have 8 of them. In great shape too!

7.) Highboy Dresser . . . Very solid!

8.) Perfect Dresser . . . Perfect for a Changing table

9.) Low long & lean dresser . . . Changing table, buffet, entrance piece or even more storage in an office.

10.) Another great low Dresser . . . With faux shutter (shutters do not work) drawers on top.

11.) White chunky low dresser on casters.

Please call rustic rooster if you have any questions

on measurements and sizes,



New Furniture Arrival

We have a HUGE new shipment of unfinished furniture . . . Stop by & check out each piece. I'm going to post unfinished pictures (individually) . . . Remember you can pick out your paint color!

Monday, June 29, 2009

So Inviting!

Garden gates are so inviting to me . . .
I know they're built for privacy but, all I want to do is open the gate up & take a peak around. That's sooo me . . . When I'm walking I have to stop get on my tip toes & look around. I know one day I'm going to be THAT lady who falls in because the gate isn't properly closed or a dog is going to jump up & give me a heart attack. Watch out for me I'm a looker! Sean just laughs & says, Hurry up I think someone is coming! You should see me run (you would have thought a cookie was in front of me. hee hee)!
A well designed gate is so exciting for me. That's your make it or break it for when people come over to your home. You have one chance to shine . . . So do it with a gorgeous white garden gate!

The Music Man

A few years back I went to one of my girlfriends little girls birthday party here in Encinitas & was blown away by the children's entertainment. This guy was amazing with the little ones! The kids just loved him . . . They were so happy, laughing, dancing, interactive & wanted more, more, more! I was involved too (doesn't take much to get me silly with the kids)! After I left that party I said to myself, "I'm so going to hire that guy for Taylor next birthday party." He was fun & the music was great! He kept the little ones in gaged for a long time (as mothers we all know that's sometimes hard to do). A few years later Taylor started going to pre-school at Kids By The Sea & WA LA The music man, Mr. Troy was there! He teaches them music every Monday for a half an hour. I always new Taylor's pre-school was COOL (they have good taste in music).

Yaaaaaa I wanted to share with everyone a really wonderful & talented musician that's amazing for children's birthday parties. I so recommend the music man, Mr. Troy!

The kids getting active with a song . . . All smiles!

Ahhhhh here comes Mr. Troy . . . Watch out!

Chloe getting into the music . . . Dance girl, you dance!

Now the real serious stuff takes place . . . The lesson!

Look at Paige . . . Getting so involved.

Miss Kathy was recruited to help out . . . Feel the beat . . . Boom Boom Boom!

Pretty Caitlin . . . Looking gorgeous darling! She is so adorable!

The wild side excited to have free dance time . . . Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


They really get into it . . . Go Mr. Troy!

Now they end the session with a stamp!

So pretty . . . Where mine? Hello I attended class! Maybe next time!

Silly class picture with Mr. Troy

To contact The Music Man, Mr. Troy . . .

760.212.6006 or troysax@cox.net
* Music Man, Mr. Troy is rooster approved! *

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Got skillz . . . Scully Surfboards

I noticed my husband was taking out all of his surfboards from our shed on Saturday & it made me a little curious . . . Why? Of course I did the typical question every wife would ask . . . What are you doing with those boards (I was really thinking when are you going to clean up your mess, but couldn't ask that)? He told me that he was looking at all of his custom shaped boards (made a lot by himself) to see what new board he was going to make. I then was intrigued and started my typical FBI questioning (should have been an agent, Damn I'm good), Who, What, When, Where & Why . . . These are the answers I got:
1.) Sean started shaping his own boards when the Clark Foam closed & boards started getting too expensive to buy.

2.) He enjoyed the craftsmen ship of making boards.

3.) He's very particular, specific & extremely detail oriented (never misses a beat)

4.) Loves seeing the finished product.

5.) Sean loves to shape things that's not on the shelf (what you see at every surf shop).

The best of all Sean shapes all of his boards at the rooster . . . & you thought the rustic rooster only sold furniture! Ha Ha

Saturday, June 27, 2009



Friday, June 26, 2009


I noticed this new scent from Votivo, White Ocean Sands. Love the packaging & name. So beachy! Perfect fit on the shelves of the rooster. Have you smelled it? I have a sample at the rooster, but I'm not sure if we should order it. The smell is a little masculine for me. Come on in & let us know if you like the smell . . .

Sun Flowers

As we all know June gloom is here in San Diego. Yuck! So I decided to buy some sun flowers to brighten up the rustic rooster. They're beautiful! I bought them at Home Depot for 5 dollars. Not bad . . . Home Depot sure surprise me sometimes. I found gorgeous Hydrangeas also & very inexpensive. Hopefully the sun will come out . . . We need the Vitamin D. Bye Bye June Gloom!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Perfect for the 4Th

For those of you who don't know, my partner Sally (my mother), is one of the best seamstresses around. She's a perfectionist! Well, her signature flag pillows are back. She had a small window of time in her busy schedule so she made 2 of them . . . They're perfect for the 4Th of July!

New Inventory

I have more new inventory to come (stay tuned) . . . Here are a few new pieces

Red vintage Junior Chair

White Highboy Dresser

Twin Head Board & Foot board

(wanted everyone to see the foot board too)

If you have any questions on

measurements & prices . . .

please call rustic rooster,


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