Sunday, June 7, 2009

A little window into my trip

Well, Here's a little window into my trip to Vegas this weekend . . .

Lovely Southwest Airlines had the pleasure of taking my husband and myself to Vegas, with a few other business associates from my husband company. Once we arrived we boarded a shuttle and took a wild (crazzzzy drivers) ride over to the MGM Grand. Wow, can we say huge Hotel Frat party. I felt like I was a college student getting ready to party for Spring Break. I can't tell you how old I felt . . . But, I did have a great time people watching. I do know that Vegas isn't for me. The smoke, obscene dressing, gambling, up all night and heavy parting really doesn't excite me. I guess I'm all grown up . . .


For starters when we walked into our room this is what I laid eyes on first . . . WOW, what were the designers thinking and then I turned my head to the right and this is what I saw . . .

Hello! Nothing matches and yes I will say, UGLY! I need to design a hotel. How fun would that be. One day!!!!!
As we were starting to get ready for the night on the town I tried to get a few shots of my husband. Who does he think he is? A super star . . . Hello!!!!! This is all I got (plus a snarl and hurry up, stop fooling around, we're going to be late!)

So as the weekend rolled along and the weather was beautiful, we decide to go to the pool for the day. I was in heaven because I couldn't stop laughing at everyone . . . the best people watching day of my life.

This is me . . . With my signature toe nail color . . . Pool side!

Just Packed with people!

This shot cracks me up . . . Look at my hair. It was pretty windy that day! No I don't like puffy hair at all.

My husband in full work mode . . . Socializing with the boys.

Now the day was coming to an end I decide that I needed to find the best looking and dressed man I could find . . . I DID and now I can't wait to show him to you all. I had the pleasure to get my picture taken with him too . . . All I can say is I love you! When I tapped him on his shoulder and said, Excuse me sir, Can I take a picture with you . . . He turned looked into my eyes . . . I was mesmerized by his smile (or should I say Style) . . . Hee hee

Move over Sean . . . Mullet man is my new love!

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