Sunday, June 14, 2009

Play Time . . . Sleep Time!

It's all about being a princess & dressing up at this age . . . 3!

Gotta have your tattoos . . . A must when playing!

Gorgeous darlings, just gorgeous.

Backyard manicures . . . Cheap labor!
I want one!

Thanks for the mobile uploads
Susan. Too cute!

Now it's sleep time. Taylor doesn't take a nap any more (of course after 5 in the car when she's not supposed to) . . . Well, she sure did & hard! She was out cold for about an hour. Thanks Susan for wearing her out . . . I need to take some notes from you. Taylor had a blast playing with Chloe. Fun!


  1. Awww look at little tuckered out Taylor. . . such a cutie. I did my best to keep them in constant motion on my watch, and it was my pleasure. No need to thanks. The girls had fun being princesses. I need to buy some princess shoes at Target now : ) as per Taylor's request. Lol

  2. As I said . . . Target fixes everything! Before I bought my new car . . . She said, "Let's go to Target & get a new one!" I wish it was that easy! One day it will be. Thanks for the fun play date, Taylor loved it!!!!


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