Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween

Saturday, October 30, 2010

snow white + a pirate + chiquita banana = halloween party

Lucie, Tegan & Taylor
{more pictures to come}

Friday, October 29, 2010

10 good reasons why...

I've been lacking in exciting, thrilling, sassy, silly & educational blog post! Are you ready for the longest post of your life!

1.) We had a HUGE container that we needed to fill with our furniture for a customer to ship back to Connecticut, by October 22nd. The boys pulled it off! Yes, you heard me right, the rustic roosters furniture was shipped all the way to Connecticut. We didn't just get 10 pieces done... I believe we had about 60 to 75 furniture pieces from us that furnished the entire home.
2.) We celebrated my Grandmothers {GG - Great Grandma} 98th birthday over at my cousin Polly's home. The kids had a mini Halloween Party for her. They thought GG would enjoy a parade of ghosts & goblins.
Of course my son only wanted to drive the mini Barbie car around & around the back yard. I was in hysterics. He loved it... I wish I had brought my flip camera for that. So funny!

Then the masks were distributed...

Cupcakes were gobbled up... Yummy!
3.) My clients in Olivenhain are throwing a huge party this Saturday so the pressures been on me to make everything perfect... Of course somethings haven't arrived yet. Typical in this industry. Thank Goodness all the rugs are coming in today. Siskyu can't wait to see you...

4.) My attention to another clients upstairs addition has been full steam ahead! The final little details are taking place right now. Where do we put the hooks? All bedroom colors to be chosen? Do we tile this wall or that wall?
Master bathroom tile... Nothings been grouted yet. I love the floor to ceiling subway tile.

Paint selection for upstairs rooms...
Claw foot bathtub hanging out in the shower...
Upstairs banister all done.

Haa I bet you're all looking at this picture & getting a little freaked out... I'm going to leave you all guessing & wondering what I'm doing.

5.) We've been shipping accessories all over, Marin county, Chicago, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida... Etc. By the way the rustic rooster has an online store, {click here} but we really don't {not at all} advertise it {i'm cracking up as I type this because we laugh when we get an order... We do a party dance at the computer. If only you could be a fly on the wall in our office!} Somehow we're managing to ship, ship, ship. I think something is in the water right now. Drink up people we love it!
6.) The roosters back office, front showroom & exterior are getting a huge face lift right now. It's looking so good!

Here's a peek of how I organize my interior design clients... I give each client a binder & a basket. So all their information & Fabric... Goes in their basket. I try to stay as organized as I can. Papers start flying & getting lost so I feel this at least contains everything to the right person/job.

I'm becoming a little obsessed with Ikat fabrics. Hmmm I wonder where this fabric is going... ? Hmmm

7.) Halloween is around the corner & my little rug rats are getting all dressed up for the big day {pre-school party today} & night {Halloween night}. So Taylor has requested 2 costumes. Oh my... Sorry mom! I'm ashamed to say Ryan got the Target 16.99 costume this year. He's already eaten dinner in it, run around naked in it {no undies} & fallen in it about a gazillion times. It's pretty funny! Next year Ryan will get bedazzled with a custom costume made by the one & only Grandma VG... This year he has no attention span to keep his costume on. Hmmm Maybe I should have sent him to pre-school as a little nudist.

:: costume 1 for Taylor::

:: costume 2 ::
8.) Our re-paint jobs have been flying in from people. I have 2 right now that I've been very fond of that just got finished this week. {sorry no before pictures}

This was originally a white standard plain Jane plastic TV cabinet... Now look at it. Fabulous! It's so cute! I would love to have taken this one home with me!

Carol if you're reading this... I loved the Anthropology knobs you picked out! Very quaint & moody. Perfect! This one came in yellow & had gold hardware... Typical 80's cabinet. Love the new look! It turned wonderful!
9.) I'm seeing results of decisions that I've made with my client. I love this part... All the workers {I think my client too} think I'm crazy... I walk in & freak out at every meeting... All you hear from me is, OH MY GOD, WOW, AMAZING... I LOVE IT.. LOOKS GREAT... PERFECT!!!!!!

Brick walk ways have been grouted
Kids Bathroom tile. Love how we put the tile in front of the tub. Perfect for a kids bathroom... Splash protected!
Guest Bathroom shower. I'm drooling over this...

Guest bathroom Shower floor...

Master Bathroom shower... So big & luxurious. With a crisp & clean feel to it!!!

Enough said, A Shaw Sink... !!!
10.) Play date at the pumpkin patch... with the kiddos & a good friend!

I'll be back to show you all the new & improved facelift of the rooster & all our other projects that we have up our sleeves. Tons of new accessories have arrived. Oh I will definetly show you Taylors Halloween costumes as well... One of her costumes is very dear to me.
Hope to see you at the rooster this weekend & Halloween Night.
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

costume watch...

I can't wait for Taylor's pre-school Halloween party
tomorrow morning... This costume is pretty special to me!

new... new... new

Gorgeous Highboy dresser - SOLD

Tons of new & amazing books have arrived...

:: Perfect Christmas gifts... {hint hint} ::

If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing please
call the rustic rooster,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1.)Black 2-tiered side table - SOLD

2.) Pink Wicker Side Table

3.) Blue Desk

4.) Bookcase/hutch top

5.) Long, low, French-leg coffee table

6.) French-leg Side Table {We have 2!}

7.) Side Table/Cabinet - SOLD

8.) 2-Tiered Side Table

9.) Chair {We Have 3!}

10.) Press-back Dining Chair {We have 4!}

11.)Nautical Knot Door Stops

::close up::

2.)Vintage Shell Prints - SOLD

::Helix Print::

::Conus Print::
If you have any question on
measurements or pricing please call
rustic rooster

Monday, October 25, 2010

pj party with a smile

I did a post on this very touching organization, Pajama Program, a little while ago {here}... Every time I think of donating, something comes up in my schedule. Well, last night I realized how extremely selfish I've been... I can take 10 minutes out of my daily life to search through my children's PJ's & books & donate them to less fortunate children who don't have any {key word: ANY}. I can't even imagine my kids not having pajamas or reading a book before bed. My heart just aches thinking about that. I know that you all have tons of PJ's that you can donate to help little kids sleep better at night. Here's their web-site... Pajama Program!

October & November
rustic rooster will be collecting
PJ's & Children's books...
*Please donate *
I'll have a box ready for easy drop off!

I know we're all so busy... But just stop for 10 minutes... Purchase as many as you can afford at a store or rummage through your children's clothes & books at home. Just think of all the smiles you will be putting on little kids faces. I can't wait!
rustic rooster
930 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, California 92024
{760} 436.2171
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