Thursday, January 27, 2011

hi & bye

I completely forgot I ordered this book, Farrow & Ball, The Art of Color, months ago. Have you ever done that? The box arrived at my office & I was clueless... No joke! I thought I got fabric samples or a gift. Well, this book sure made my day! Now, I'm going to go & devour each & every page... From top to bottom.

I've been inspired to paint the bar stool's in my interior design office a F&B color... I want something fun & different in there. Keep you posted on that little project.
Oh Oh Oh... One more thing! I have been nominated for the, Stylish Blogger Award, by the talented & hilarious Kelley from The Polished Pebble. Check her out here... Wonderful blog, It's a must read! I'll be back to post 7 things about me that will amaze, astonish, excite & blow you all away. So we can get a little deeper acquainted with each other. {wink}
Hi & Bye!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

run forest run!

OK so we have a little time {May 14th}... But, I wanted to announce it now!

My daughter, Taylor, really would like to run this year with me. I told her all about it last year & how much fun mommy had {remember here}. I couldn't believe how family oriented & involved it was. It wasn't all about the fast pace of a race it was about laughing, chatting & getting out with friends & family. Loved it! So Taylor & I are going to start training now. I'm sure you're all asking why start now... Hello, she's 4 1/2... Taylor needs time to run, learn & build up her mileage. lol Of course I'm not going to have her run the entire race. She can do what she wants. But, it's nice to talk about fitness with her... Get her heart racing & a little sweat going. Something all children should be doing... Being active! Come join me & my family & friends get active & run the Encinitas 5K with us... I'll keep you posted as the event gets closer. Plus, I love supporting my town! Go Encinitas Go!

Friday, January 21, 2011

where the buffalo roam...

OK call me crazy, but I want to add buffalo checks everywhere right now! I've been watching Selling New York lately {I have about 50 shows saved on my DVR... Because I clicked the wrong button on record & it's been recording every episode... New, old & repeat! Great!} & on one of their episodes a loft had buffalo checks on the drapery & couches, etc. Hmmm its made me think... I'm adding it into my next new project that I'm working on! OH I love it! Well, I presented this morning & I'm a green light go!

{I'm using a Pindler & Pindler Buffalo Check}

{The perfect touch on these chairs... Photo Cottage Living}

{J.crew got the memo on Buffalo Checks too}

I'm trying new things in 2011... & having fun doing it!
So what's your opinion on Buffalo Checks... ?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

girly... gone industrial

Remember this post {here}... Well, we are 99% done with this bathroom. Just a few finishing touches need to go in & wa la we're all done. This project has been so much fun for me because it's taken me out of my traditional box. Always an adventure... Definitely challenging... But, fully rewarding for me as a designer!

{before... in progress}
This bathroom is for two adorable little girls.
Of course we had to incorporate pink! That was a must on the list...
Doesn't the rustic rooster's Ryan step stool look fabulous in Pink. Shhh we won't let little man Ryan know he's gone girly {lol}!

Take a peek at this...

{before hardware was installed}
Industrial pulls for an amazing art cabinet...
This pieces was custom designed to store all the girls art supplies.

{close up of pulls}

Gotta love their armoires too...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

little here & a little there

Second phase has started with one of my clients... Let the fun begin!
{I spy someone in the shower... Me!}

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

new... new... new

1.) Vintage rectangular Colonial mirror - Old led glass
{32" H x 24" W}
$ 89.00
:: top detail ::
:: side detail ::

2.) Oval Gold decorative mirror - Older glass
{28" H x 33" W}
$ 120.00 SOLD
:: top detail ::
:: bottom detail ::

3.) Black Night stand - 2 doors & 1 drawer {we have 2 of these}
{16" D x 27" W x 25" H}
$ 140.00 each
SOLD {both of them}

4.) Kids vintage white everything table
{25" x 25" x 24" H}
$ 95.00
5.) White {semi} tall dresser
{17" D x 30" W x 40 1/2" H}
$ 195.00 SOLD

6.) White Long French leg - 1 Drawer Coffee Table
{49" L x 22" W x 15" H}
$ 185.00 - SOLD
7.) Black 2 drawer night stand or end table
{19" D x 23" H x 27" W}
$ 135.00

If you have any
questions please call the
rustic rooster,

Monday, January 17, 2011



{framing out the new fireplace}

I'm re-doing the perfect ranch style home right now for an adorable couple. I could actually see myself living in this one. Everything is so wonderful about it. No joke. The rooms are just right... The backyard is h.u.g.e. {hello avocado grove on the second part of the backyard} Right now the kitchen, floors, bathroom, bedroom, fireplace, windows & exterior is getting a bran new look. I love jobs like this... They're so easy & fun for me! {hint} Next I'll show you the progress of the... Kitchen & Bath.

{kitchen before... Gotta love that stove!}

{bath before}
This Job is moving pretty fast...
I'll say the homeowners will be moved in by the beginning of February.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

been there done that

I can now say I've been to a Pawn Shop... Oh what a joy! After our 100 mile walk today around town with the kiddos I got this crazy idea to hit up a pawn shop in Oceanside. Sean was so thrilled {thought I was actually insane & didn't want to go}.

One of our customers said, she found a vintage Cartier watch at a pawn shop. Ever since then I've been dreaming, planning & plotting to go to one. Well, I did it. OK I was so let down. Maybe because this pawn shop wasn't anything special. After I left I felt kind of sad... I started thinking about all the wedding rings that were sold because they needed money. Wow... Their were so many. How awful is that. Hey, you've gotta do what you've gotta do... That's life! Right!?!? After I browsed the watch section to only find Rolex's & one Tiffany & co. watch I started over to the rings... Then my son decided to thrown a tantrum right by the cashier table because we told him he couldn't change the channel on the TV... Ya not such a good thing... So we left. If any of you know of another good pawn shop let me know... I'm in to do this again! Please!!! Have any of you purchased something good at a pawn shop? Do tell!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

searsucker review

I can't really put my finger on this restaurant... As I sat at dinner I looked around & around trying to get a vibe on the place. Then I kept trying to figure out what I would say about the restaurant. I guess I was trying to think & act like a restaurant reviewer. Hmmmm I'll start by saying the service was absolutely wonderful. Perfect staff. Everyone was very attentive to anything & everything we wanted. Our waitress was adorable {beautiful}, funny & very knowledgeable about the menu. When we first arrived they asked us if we had a reservation. Tip... make a reservation if you don't want to wait in the bar. The bar was cool, but the seats weren't comfortable at all. Bench like seating that was very stiff. We moved to another lounge area {pictured below} & I pretty much fell into the couch & took about 5 minutes to get comfy. Lets just say I looked like a fat whale trying to sit up. lol Sean loved it. I was just frustrated about the no back support.

{lounge are}

As I looked around while I was drinking my Captain & coke {yummy} I started noticing the tables & decor. Very cool! They had my favorite plant inside... boxwood hedges {look at picture above}. Love! They do need to change theirs out... Little dry & old. Sean said, they were probably here since the day they opened. Then we watched people get seated... They have tall bar like tables with bar stools {picture below}. We laughed because a group of 4 people. 3 cute girls & 1 very very large man were seated at one of those tables... Oh he didn't look too happy. The girls kept getting off the chairs to pull their jeans up. Too funny! Ya you can go to chilies or TGIF & have that type of seating for 1/2 the cost. Not a great idea...

{bar tables}
I did notice a lot of older people at this restaurant. Literally with walkers. I looked at Sean & realized why is because of the price point... Definitely not inexpensive. With our bar tab & dinner {plus 1 AMAZING desert} was pretty much 200.00+. Sorry I don't like to talk numbers... just wanted to be honest. Not your average SDSU college grad or young business person starting out restaurant... We were offered a seat at the community table {pictured below}. I opted not because I wanted to stare into my husband eyes & get cozy... & not have the person next to me drop his salad on my foot or listen to my conversation. That's not my idea of cozy or romantic.

{community table}
We took a tall bar like table. It was fine for us because at that point we were starving & wanted to sit & eat. I think I would have changed the seating if I were the designer on board. My little suggestion... {hint if you're reading}. Then we received our food & dug in. I loved mine. Sean sat on the fence with his. He liked it, but wasn't in love. The salad was amazing! A+ for that. Then it was time for desert....... A must for me. We had the kings Sunday. OH MY GOSH... I {we} loved it! That was A++++++++. It was the best thing all night. No joke!!!!! That sealed the deal for me. Get that if you do go.
I asked Sean a few questions...

Would you go back?
Was your food good?
Would you recommend this restaurant to other people?
It really depends on the circumstance
What's the age group?
Mainly older
Do you like the decor?
It was fun & Different... Would change tables ASAP
Was the service good?
Very good A+
Over all rating 1 being the lowest & 10 being the highest
If you do want an adventure & something new...
Go & try it. I can at least say... Oh Ya I've been to Searsucker's! ha {wink}

Friday, January 14, 2011

new... new... new

1.) NEW Sage & white pillows!
$47 each
{inserts included}

:: exterior ::

:: inside::

1.) Entertainment Center - SOLD
62"W x 22"D x 50"H-
Opening 34"x27" able to fit a 40" TV

If you have any further
questions please call the
rustic rooster,

got my eye on... right now!

1.) A definite home must, Antique Bamboo Cabinet... 2.) Daily wrist candy, Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Large Quartz Yellow Gold
3.) Perfect for beach breakfasts, Stubbs & Wootton Classic Slipper Shoe... 3.) Always in your living room, Antique Persian Rug
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