Friday, January 21, 2011

where the buffalo roam...

OK call me crazy, but I want to add buffalo checks everywhere right now! I've been watching Selling New York lately {I have about 50 shows saved on my DVR... Because I clicked the wrong button on record & it's been recording every episode... New, old & repeat! Great!} & on one of their episodes a loft had buffalo checks on the drapery & couches, etc. Hmmm its made me think... I'm adding it into my next new project that I'm working on! OH I love it! Well, I presented this morning & I'm a green light go!

{I'm using a Pindler & Pindler Buffalo Check}

{The perfect touch on these chairs... Photo Cottage Living}

{J.crew got the memo on Buffalo Checks too}

I'm trying new things in 2011... & having fun doing it!
So what's your opinion on Buffalo Checks... ?


  1. LOVE LOVE! I keep wanting to use Buffalo Check somewhere.

  2. I love buffalo check! In fact my kitchen floor is buffalo check. We put down wide plank pine and I painted it! One of my favorite additions to our home! -Ann

  3. Buffalo checks are always in style and a great mix with other patterns; but, then, I like an eclectic mix :).

  4. I might have a small obsession with checks in general. Let's my kitchen, in my living room, in my dining room, in both my boys rooms, and I'm contemplating it in my family room too. someone needs to get a hold of me! did you see the kevin sharkey post I did and my recent house beautiful post - we are in the midst of a buffalo check invasion!! here are the links if you need a fix...
    xo, Tessa

  5. I love it! Timeless and classic.

  6. I am looking for a heavy duty blue/ tan or white buffalo check...the key words being heavy duty. Have you
    ever seen a heavy duty buffalo check fabric????? Anne


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