Monday, May 17, 2010

who's #er 1...

Well, I did it... Ran the Encinitas 5k this Saturday... I had a blast!!!! My running partner was Grace {grace happens} & my cousin, Polly, & her little ones, India & Gwenny. Shhhh we all talked the entire run {little walk}. I'm a little upset that I didn't take my daughter, Taylor, who by the way was still asleep when I left the house {lucky}. Taylor would have had the best time. So many families were out & about. It felt good to support Encinitas & to be healthy! I'm going to sign up for next year & the year after.... & the year after.... Get my point! Good times! Sorry, I didn't take more pictures... I didn't bring my camera. Grace took these pictures from her iphone. Thanks Grace! Don't I look half a sleep in these pictures. ha ha ha My eyes kept watering. I think that was because of the cold weather. Morning mist...

My #er 1 running partner... Grace!

The fam dango.... Polly & miss India.

The Glaser clan. Too cute!

Then after the race we hit the park with the kids... Ryan decided to create a new way to ride the dolphin.

It started a moonlight beach trend... Look at Harper! LOL

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I really can't tell you how much fun we had. The spirit, excitement & family feeling was amazing. I know how weird to say family, but their were tons of moms & dads walking & running with their kids. Way to go! I think we all need to be more healthy & involved in exercise with the entire family. That's my new goal with my children! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Hope to see everyone next year at the race! For all the friends I saw Saturday, You're AWESOME!

Keep on running....


  1. Congratulations you guys!!! YEA.

    xo kelley

    ps i need to run more! : (

  2. aw love this post!!!! team rooster is #1! wish our gold medals made the pic haha! can't wait till next year when the beadazzling begins! xo

  3. Grace... We do need to get creative!!!! Ripped shirts, tie dye... etc.

    Kelley... Lets run a 5k up by you. You pick it & I'm there! How fun would that be!!!!! Bloggers run...



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