Thursday, October 14, 2010


I know we all have high {glowing}, medium {an occasional breakout} & low {so messed up} moments with our skin... Well, mine is going through something right now... A little bit of a low & then it gets better {medium}... So I decided to get monthly facials & see a dermatologist for some hard core face drugs. I did ask my new facialist {Ginger}... Can you please just 1.) rip my face off & 2.) make it hurt. I do sound crazy, but in my little world I live in I feel that if their is no pain, then I won't see results. She of course just laughed at me & then proceeded very calmly in an angelic tone, NO I will not hurt you or rip your face off. I know she thinks I'm crazy! I do make her laugh with my high school questions or occasional babbling. After my second facial she said... My skin was just clogged & needed a little help breathing, that's it. So she recommended Intaglio Skin Resurfacing. It's an exfoliant that removes dead cells on your face. It's amazing! Basically it removed a layer of my skin, has made my face feel so much softer & it's now slightly glowing {in my mind}. I can't even tell you how happy I am with my new scrub & Ginger... Thank you two very much!
Pssst... I would go check Ginger out for facials If I were you... Plus, she's amazing at eyebrow waxing too!

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