Friday, March 12, 2010

i'm alive

Dinner at Zenbu, Cardiff, Ca... Melissa, Alexandra, Eddie, Jaithan & Grace

OK... I have just now recovered from a fabulous & wild night out with Eddie, Jaithan, Melissa & Grace. WOW... I had a wonderful time! I felt free & young again! I forgot I was married & even had kids... Of course I quickly snapped back to reality when my "husband" text me to pick up milk before I got home for the "kids". Oh what a night! The entire night was filled with laughing, crying, snorting & a few stumbles. I feel like I love Eddie & Jaithan! I love you two! They're hysterical. We never had one moment of silence or awkwardness. So much love to go around. Love, love, love!

Now let me tell my version of the night... {would have had a blog post the other day, but I was hurting a little too much {shhh hung over}} It all started at 5:30 pm. The girls met at Zenbu in Cardiff for a cocktail & a bite to eat before the boys arrived. We wanted to save a table & get comfy at the restaurant as well. Oh did we all right. 3 rolls & 5 plus drinks later the boys arrived. Hugs & air kisses filled the room... A quick hello & then we were off laughing & giggling like little school girls. Once nibbles & drinking were pretty much done we decided to take the party over to rooster chick Melissa's AMAZING home. When I say AMAZING I really mean it. I can't describe the hate, envy, jealous toward this girl {just kidding} that I have. Melissa lives in her grandparents home that she had the opportunity to completely re-design & live in. She had mom & I over one day & I almost fell over & died driving up to her white picket fence... As I walked in & heard & saw the waves crashing at her front door I was speechless! She's a fabulous interior designer... I'm so proud & honored to have her as a junior designer at rustic rooster interiors. OK back to the EDDIE & JATHIAN night... Of course the boys would want to go over & take a peek. I loved seeing their jaws drop too. She hasn't furnished it yet... Hello I could care less about furnishings if I could live there. Give me a couple of bean bags, sun screen & a blanket... OH & some diet coke then I'm really set!
So as the night drifted on we drifted further & further into fits of laughter. My stomach still hurts from laughing so much & so hard. I would love to go out with them again {I will only have water this time}. Good times!
Here are a few pictures of all of us at Melissa's house. Sorry their a little blurry... I did tell you I had a few cocktails that night... So this is what you get.

As you can see we had a great night
{this picture sums up the whole entire night {a blur}}...
Grace said it best,
OH what a night!
Now for are next trick...
The girls {mom, melissa & grace} are going to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet with EDDIE & JAITHAN on Sunday, March 14th.

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