Thursday, March 18, 2010

weeee... a stalking i go!

It was a typical sunny day in gorgeous southern California... The bird were chirping... The boys were surfing... The ladies were tanning... My kids were screaming... Mommy was drinking her diet coke cruising the boulevard in Del Mar. OK, the truth is I had to drop something off at a home in Del Mar. So I thought to myself Hmmmm my camera is by my side I want to check out a few houses... WA LA I'm going to house stalk in Del Mar & why not I think I'm going to also cross a few lines... & take pictures of the houses too. Why not... Do they know who I am? Do they know my store? Do they know my interior design? Just kidding! Weeeee... a stalking I go!

:: house number 1 ::

{Such a wonderful use of bricks... Nice exterior look!}

{Flower box to die for... Now this is what I would LOVE for the rooster flower box to look like}

{The gate is saying... Welcome Alexandra, come on in! I'm all yours! Plus, You gotta LOVE the house numbers}

:: house number 2 ::

{What a little charmer... I feel like I'm sitting on a movie set with this home! Too cute!}

:: house number 3 ::

{I've been in love with this home for years! I really would like to know the history of this beautiful compound {if anyone knows it... Call me} . Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good shot of the house to the left back... The rest of the compound.}

:: house number 4 ::

{This house is a new Del Mar charmer... On the market, I think for a little while now. It has fabulous bones, but 1.) it goes a little on the modern side {some parts} for me & 2.) on a very busy street off of 13th.}

{The mix of stones are amazing! The front door screams I LOVE YOU ALEXANDRA... Can you hear it saying may name too?}

{beautiful copper rain gutters}
{backyard shot}
{the detail/trim work is perfect}
{Look how perfectly this vine is growing... Hmmm do you think they hired someone who knew what they were doing in the garden department? I do believe so!}

{we need to see more driveways like this}

Well, that's the end of my stalking tour... Hope you enjoyed stalking with me. Thanks for making me do all the work! Shh I truly enjoyed it!

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