Wednesday, March 17, 2010

rock a by baby

Every day I get an e-blast from Daily Candy Kids... I try {like} to say that I'm informed of the latest & greatest in the kid world. So yesterday they talked about this adorable company Rikshaw Designs created by a young & talented designer named, Catherine Fitzsimmons who has beautifully presented us with a fabulous bohemian baby line... Take a peek!

I'm not having any more babies {all done}... But where was she when I was designing my babies rooms. The look is so fresh & clean! Plus, I would have put Taylor in all of her precious clothing... Ryan wouldn't really do well in them. Maybe for a moment he would look cute, but 2 seconds later he would have food, drool or mud pasted all over him. I can definitely give her stuff out as baby gifts... Too fun!


  1. I just saw this yesterday too! Hopefully I'll have another one just so I can use this in his or her room. LOVE IT!

  2. thnaks for the post!!! so nice of you!


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