Tuesday, March 1, 2011

easter basket

Remember this post {here}... Well, I've decided to make these precious little bunnies for Taylor & Ryan's Easter Basket this year. Aren't they adorable? I can barely stand how cute they are... I think the kids will enjoy them as much as I do. They better! lol 
Yesterday, I  had a free moment to go & look at fabric for this project.  I found these adorable fabrics... Sorry the pictures are so bad, I took the pictures with my camera phone. I'll try & get some better shots today. Just picture this, Brown & tan herringbone pattern with  polka dots {body} & a pink brushed denim {ears}... Grey pinstripe {body} & a small blue & white gingham {ears}... I'm sure you have already figured who gets what.
I better Hop to this project... !!!


  1. Love this idea! Hope you share the end result, and the fabrics are so lovely!

  2. This project is adorable. Made with love is always a wiiner.

  3. those are going to be darling!! are you following a pattern or just winging it. I want to copy? The fabric choices are sweet as can be!

    xo, Tessa


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