Monday, March 21, 2011

gobble de goop

OK everyone I have a few things to say. Nothing really too interesting, but at least it's something. Right?!?! First off, I had a great idea this weekend to walk with my kids & hubby to a new bakery called Gordy's in Encinitas. I saw it last weekend when I stopped by smart & final. Well, we walked there & enjoyed a few different baked goods.  
The design was retro contemporary {don't really know what to call it} The Plonks were wonderful. Fresh, moist & extremely enjoyable! I think the true test was to see if the kids liked it... They loved it!  I would go back to get a plonk & coffee for a little pick me up snack. I don't think I would have it for breakfast again... More of a snack place in my taste.

Happy little eaters. {look both are smiling at me & taking a picture... that's a first} I will say I will never buy Snapple fruit punch again. Pure sugar & gross. {Sorry Snapple... bad drink} I know my kids liked it... But, I'm sure any kids would like a pure sugar drink.



It's the Carlsbad 5000, April 3rd. Wow, do I have many memories at this 5k. Now I'm going  to add more because  it's Ryan's 3rd birthday on the day of the run & second Taylor wants to run it with me. Yaaaaa I can't wait. Hope to see some familiar faces out there.

I need some Ideas to plan Taylor's Birthday {March 24th} & Ryan's Birthday {April 3rd}... Any suggestions? 
{Taylor's 4th birthday at kids by the sea}
{Ryan's 1st birthday at grandma & papa's house}

Hope everyone is staying dry today.
 Can you believe it hailed! That's crazy!


  1. Gobble de goop, really? Sounds like my hubsy when he's all feisty ;0.

    Looks like a great time, though!

  2. I've been wanting to stop by the bakery but wasn't sure exactly where it was. Gordy has been making plonks for the Pannikin for like 20 years! So cool he opened his own shop.

  3. Karin, thanks for the info... I didn't know that. :) The plonks were amazing. I do keep thinking {dreaming} about them.

    Daryl, my husband was so hungry that day he was gooble de gooped too! lol

  4. The best little girls party was a baking party...made little chef's hats and aprons, had pizza dough from Trader Joes each girl made, and have little cake pans that each girl decorated a cake...the favors were inexpensive baking tools in kid section at Ikea...I can tell you how to make the chef's hats...easy!


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