Monday, August 2, 2010

need a good book to read?

Go & get... The Last Ride, by Thomas Eidson {my uncle}! How cool {awesome} is this... They took his book & turned it into a movie, The Missing, directed by Ron Howard.

Gotta love family! Enjoy Reading... This is a great book! I swear my uncle wrote this book about all the strong women in our family! Don't mess with us! {chuckle} I have to say the book is way better than the movie {shhh... Don't tell Ron Howard}! I keep telling him his next book needs to be all about ME! I think he thinks I'm a little crazy... Don't you all! lol Enjoy!


  1. Tina...

    Sorry to say it already happened. Hey, maybe we can go to the next one. Yaaaaa



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