Sunday, March 22, 2009

Office Project

My carpenter just e-mailed me these pictures of an office/guestroom that I'm almost done with. I have designed the room from top to bottom . . . The walls were bare and the room only had a sofa, drafting desk and toys in it. We added custom built-ins, caned lights, under counter lights, custom pegboard, a hanging television (for Steve to watch for ideas while he's drawing), painted the walls a coastal blue and added new chunky crown molding. Huge transformation! HUGE! It's looking amazing!

My client, Steve Breen, is an artist. He's a children's book writer, cartoonist and political cartoonist. He's sooo talented! Steve and Cathy came to me and asked for the completion of this room . . . Because Steve for the past 7 years at this house has been working at the kitchen table, Kinko's, library . . . Any where he can really get a place to draw. They said it was time that they needed organization and a perfect art room for Steve. They have 4 beautiful children that are full of life so he also needed his space to be able to shut the door . . . And say, "Quiet Time for Daddy!"
I've been working with the Breen family for over 5 years now. Once again the perfect clients . . .

Next week I'm completely accessorizing the room so I will take some good shots of the completed room. Love the progress of this room . . .

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!


  1. wow, nice, alex! nice job on the label, too! i have a funny story to tell you about labels on thursday.....way to go on the office, you are so talented!

  2. This office is wicked cool!

    I think I could be very productive in an environment like this. The crown moulding, built-in desks and color are amazing.

    Thanks for sharing the pics.


  3. Thanks! Me too! It was fun creating . . . tomorrow is the big accessories install. Love those days! I will show those pictures too!


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