Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BFF's . . .

I had to post these pictures of Taylor & Chloe . . . They really touched me tonight! These two adorable little girls really have known each other since day one and they truly love each other. They have a bond that is too cute to watch. For example, I dropped Taylor off a little late to pre-school the other morning and when she sat down at snack time Chloe leaned over all the kids just to say Hi to her Little Buddie. Ahhh Chloe! They just glow when they see each other. When Chloe was sick, Taylor kept asking me, is Chloe all better? When she's better she can come over for a play date? I hope she feels better soon! I had so many more pictures, but thought I would share these with you. Chloe's little pre-school hugs in the morning are melting and Taylor's loud, bye Chloe is very lasting! That's true friendship . . . that will hopefully last a lifetime!

TAYLOR Scully & CHLOE Roche . . . Best Friends Forever!

3 Years Old

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  1. They go together like peas & carrots. Just like gorgeous interior design & Rustic Rooster Interiors!


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