Tuesday, February 1, 2011

hi my name is hunter

I'm a slip covered wing back chair {I can come upholstered as well}. I'd be perfect at either end of a farm table or standing alone in a room. Fabulous! Gotta love our newest addition to our growing family! By the way the Hunter chair has been such a huge hit at the rooster we can't keep it in...

Hunter Wing back Chair

::White Denim-Grade # 7::

{$700.00... Not including shipping & tax}

34 " W x 34" D x 43 1/2" H


  1. If I had one of those at my table I would weigh 400 lbs. Why would i ever leave?

  2. Did you get my email about my sicky?

  3. OH Kayce you are too funny... The chairs are so comfy & perfect! Yes, you will sit & eat all day in them! Ready for this right after I did this post... A woman came in & bought both wing backs on the spot with a one of our old reclaimed farm tables. WOW! This blog world is crazy!


  4. good story! i have two hunters, or is that huntees? not sure, either way - i owe you a phone calllllllll!!!!


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