Friday, June 24, 2011

little nervous

I'm off to see Cars 2 tonight with 3 kids... Oh My what did I sign up for? I know we're going to have a blast! Ryan will not stop talking about this darn movie. From the moment he wakes up he walks into my bedroom & asks for a Cars 2 birthday party. 1.) I'm still a sleep & my black out blinds are still down & 2.) Ryan's Birthday isn't till April. So you get my point that he's a little obsessed right now. Do you feel my pain? I did promised him we could go tonight. Yippie for me! Then I had to go & open my big mouth & let Taylor invite a friend... Oh let me remind you all Daddy isn't going tonight. It's just me, myself & I! I can do this... It will be fun! So if you see me at the movie theaters tonight just ignore that I have tied all 3 kids together on a huge rope & I have a large drinking object in my hand.  Keep on walking... lol  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend... Any good plans? Please tell!!! 

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  1. I love going to the movies with our little one. We went as a family one night last week and saw Kung Fu Panda 2 and had a really nice time. I know it's different with 3 kiddos but you'll be fine. I'm sure adult time at some point this weekend will be very needed however! :)


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