Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1st flip update...

:: BEFORE ::

:: AFTER 1 ::
The exterior has been painted... Cape Cod Gray, with white trim & all the doors are painted black. Ahhh those words are music to my ears! All the overgrown greenery {look here to see old picture} has been removed. The landscaper is coming tomorrow... I've suggested rosemary, lavender, ferns, white geraniums, moss... You see where I'm going with this garden {classic, coastal, cottage}. We're still using all the old bricks & laying them in a basket weave pattern. How exciting! I ordered all the faucets & sinks today from the greatest place on earth, Ferguson. Everyone should go there who wants excellent service {ask for Rob {great guy} at the Mercury St. Location... Let him know I sent you}, quality & fabulous pricing. I don't go anywhere else... No one compares AT ALL! Sorry back to the house. It's coming a long. Tile has been picked... Will be laid Tuesday. Can't wait to see that. I pick out exterior & interior lighting & hardware tomorrow. Ohhh big black carriage lights on either side of the entry door. I can see it now! Loooooovvveeeeee it! Soon you will see the interior... Soon! This house is set to be completed Jan. 15th & then Sell, Sell, Sell {any buyers?}! Enjoy... This project is so much fun!


  1. What a change..the house is looking great! Can't wait to see pictures of the inside!!

  2. OMG this looks SO AMAZING! What about throwing up some lattice? On either side of chimney or over by the stucco wall?
    and this over the garage door?
    I can see the flowering vines growing over it now!

  3. ps. do you know the listing price? wish tom and i could hit the lottery!!!


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