Friday, January 15, 2010

perfect match

It's so nice to have a perfect match... Sean {hubby} of course your my # 1, Mom {mother/business partner} your my # 2 but, Adrianne {Adrianne Smith Floral Design} is my #3 perfect match! I love working with her... She did my wedding & TONS of my friends & customers weddings. She's amazing! I also use Adrianne to do a flower arrangement for my clients. I feel that her exquisite style & elegance compliments my homes that I do... All I have to say is color, likes & style & she's gone to create a master piece. I don't need to baby her or watch over her to get the arrangement. Adrianne has so much talent that she delivers perfection. Thanks A for the arrangement... Look how beautiful it looks on top of that gorgeous dresser & next to our signature blue & white lamp.
rustic rooster & Adrianne Smith Floral Design
are a

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