Tuesday, January 26, 2010

magic what...

OK... So I got the magic bullet blender for Christmas! After seeing all the infomercials I was "super" excited to get it {use it}. I was mostly eager to make the Party Guacamole... I think they call it the 10 second guacamole {correct me if I'm wrong}. I bought all the ingredients, did everything exactly like they said... Even did the pulsing blends. Hmmmm I'm not to sure about this magic bullet.

Here's pre-blend.... Doesn't it look yummy! I do say so myself!

After about 10 to 15 minutes of blending, pulse blending & even stopping to using a spoon to blend everything... I got this. My husband liked it, but It was awful looking & tasted OK... Not my favorite. I could have done it by hand faster & so much better. Someone needs to save me & the magic bullet... & re-assure me that the magic blender is still good & great to use! Any good recipes to recommend that are fun & easy.... Hmmmm Magic what?


  1. We love ours for smoothies on the way out the door in the morning...a recent personal fave is banana, milk, dates, peanut butter and ice. Yum!

  2. too funny alex. we got not 1, but 2 magic bullets for xmas a few years back. i never used it, but collin did a few times for guac. i totally agree with you, it's faster by hand!

  3. I received it as a gift when parker was a baby to make baby food. It worked great for it. I dont use it for anything else because it really only works when you have enough liquid. Perfect for smoothies though too.

  4. Kate,

    That sounds soooo GOOD! I'm making that tomorrow once I get the dates! Can't wait!!! I kind of want that right now... PM snack. LOL



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