Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The perfect Christmas gifts...

1.) TONS of chairs just came in... yaaa

2.) Christmas ornaments

3.) Christmas candle holders... Perfect for a Holiday Party!
4.) French leg glass hutch - 1 piece

5.) Sofa Table, end table or even a kitchen table - SOLD
6.) White cottage 1 drawer coffee table - SOLD

7.) Blue Office swivel desk chair - Your little guy is getting bigger... Show him you care & recognize his growth. Get him a new big boy desk chair for Christmas. Do it!

8.) Herbal green Tool box filed with gorgeous mini poinsettias... The perfect hostesses gift! We all need to give one!
9.) Vintage wood BOX... I kind of like you! You can use this box for so many things. Are you ready...
- shoes at the front door
-kids toys
- newspapers
- trash
- big bundle of orchids... & ivy hanging down
- dirty clothes
- toilet paper
I could go on & on & on... Endless ideas!

Peek inside of the box

10.) Hooked Sail boat Pillow... Sail away with it!

11.) Black dog {lab} Hooked pillow... It screams Martha's Vineyard!

12.) Yellow lab hooked pillow... Too cute!

13.) Small hooked Anchor pillow

14.) Bamboo easels... We just received TONS of them. Want some help with this one {how to use}... Hello your Christmas card on your entrance table.

15.) Clean back chair... We have 4 of them... Pick a color!
16.) Bamboo folding table - SOLD

Top view

If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing please
call the rustic rooster,

1 comment:

  1. would that wood box be big enough for fire wood? was thinking of putting by the fireplace if so:)


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