Monday, December 14, 2009

It was time...

I sat back & realized that Taylor need a little clean up in the hair department. Her hair was all over the place... Long, long, long. I will admit I love her long gorgeous strawberry blond locks & I was so scared to cut it or even trim it. The thought of losing her little curls terrified me {she's growing up}. I can't tell you how many comments I get from her hair... I didn't want it to stop. But, after analyzing it & realizing that the bottom hair was just dead & dry... It need to go. Plus, she had never had a hair cut. For those of you who don't know Taylor that well or at all she is 100% girly girl. Loves manicures, pedicures, dressing herself, spending time with mommy & carrying a purse so asking Taylor to get a hair cut was going to be easy! She was on cloud nine! Look at what a big girl she was...

Sat back with easy & didn't fuss what so ever!

Taylor realized that she liked it & felt like a princess getting her hair washed. That's my girl!

Then it was time to trim & clean up...
Look at this mess. It's just screaming... Help me!

Did as she was told & didn't move.

Just a clean up... Please!

Look at her little hand. This just melts my heart! Waiting patiently! I just want to eat her up!

cut... cut... cut

Watching her hair fall... & listening to the direction...

Super happy that she had her 1st hair cut! Glowing like a big girl!

Not that much was cut off... Thank goodness. The stylist listened to me, Hmmm maybe I need to start going to her. How funny would that be.

The big girl blow out!

Ta da... Need I say more... She's glowing from her 1st big girl haircut!
If my baby is happy, I'm happy!

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