Friday, December 18, 2009

1st flip - update

OK, Ok, ok... Sorry I didn't explain about this flip that I'm doing. The book was thrown at me for not telling all {mom}. Here I go... I've just been hired by an amazing team of investors to do all the Interior Design for their homes that they purchase for rentals {space planning, purchase of furniture/accessories & install} & for flipping {gut & go}. I'm so honored & thrilled that I have been chosen. Yaaaa I can say I'm the chosen one!!!! This is a huge dream of mine to do my own house flipping... One day or should I say in due time! I will keep you updated throughout this project. I'm so excited & a little nervous... This is my 1st one with them so I need to shine like no tomorrow. So far so good! They seem to be very happy & like everything that I've suggested & picked out {color}... Here's a few pictures of removal of the shrubs in the front yard. The garage was open so I didn't get that shot...

BEFORE - Progress
BEFORE - progress

Here's a little peek of the colors I'm picking out...

Yes... I would love to show you all the room colors, but unfortunately my camera didn't like me at this point. Sorry! kitchen, family room, living room, halls, 3 more bedrooms, 2 more bathrooms, sun room, backyard plus a walk in closet... I will definitely show you the before & afters {I do have all of those pictures but, I want to keep you reading & wanting more!}.
OK... You all must remember this is a flip so somethings have to stay for financial purposes, but all the other miss match junk & design eye soars will definitely go!
I can't tell you how happy I am right now... This is so much fun for me!!!! I love my job very much!

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