Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Old School...For my little one!

I'm in love with these Little Golden Books for my kids. They just devour them up. I love the colors, pictures & adorable stories {plus, .50 cent price tag}. My collection is growing so so much. If you see them, grab them! You will become in love with them too!

My mom just brought this stool over for me... I grew up with it. The funny thing is I really kept thinking about it & wondering what happened to it this past week. Mom was reading my mind... Thanks MOM! How cute is it...
This little stool is mine
I use it all the time
To reach the things I couldn't
And lots of things I shouldn't
Catchy little saying... Just watch you're going to be saying it all day long... Like when your kids Watch Nick Jr. & you can's stop singing the songs or watching the shows {when they're not even home}
The Scully's have gone Old School!

1 comment:

  1. That stool is adorable!!! I've still got my little golden books from when I was a kid. They are the BEST!


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