Monday, January 18, 2010

no school + rain =

I figured since Taylor didn't have school {Martin Luther King Day} & Ryan would be cooped up all day in the house because of the rain we might as well have a fun adventure {in doors}... I put my thinking cap on & decided to take the kids & my friendly side kick {our nanny Teresa} to the Birch Aquarium. The kids were so excited! I was too! Taylor kept saying, " Mommy I was a baby last time we were here... I'm so excited! This is great!" Ryan had been before {as a baby}, but had no clue what he was in for... Fishy FUN!

Taaa Daaa Birch Aquarium

Taylor was in Awwww of the LARGE aquarium

They Both pointed at everything

Ryan looked like a caged kid out for the 1st time... Look at that hair. You would think I would have brushed it.... Yaaa right trying to get 2 kids under the age of 4 out of the house... You just hope that he has a clean diaper on & she's dressed. The rest really doesn't matter!

She stared for hours {minutes}

Then we ran into these two guys... OMG I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Their called Wolf Eels. I felt like they were characters straight out of a cartoon. Secretly all I wanted to do was touch them. They looked so soft & squishy. Taylor was fascinated too... & all you could hear from Ryan {all of Birch Aquarium} was EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Teresa just ran.
Then we saw these beautiful Jelly Fish... Gorgeous!
Moved into the other room & everything was crazy & wild.... My children were running, laughing...etc.!

Ryan was trying his hardest to touch everything!

Seahorses just captivated me... Too adorable!

Look really really close & look at the mini Seahorses. wow

Taylor looked at the shells with a magnifying glass... Back & Forth she went. She was very fascinated by it! I know what to get her for her Birthday!

Then we ventured outside... They looked cautiously!

He RANnnnnnnnnnn

Then they both played with the fake shells, lstarfish, lobsters...etc.

Ryan tried to take home the lobster

No school + rain = fun family day {Ryan with yellow nail polish} at Birch Aquarium


  1. I hear you on getting two out the door! Your little ones are darlings, sooooo cute! What a fun, memorable day xx Ali

  2. We had a blast at the aquarium... Crazy weather wise, but fun! Always something to talk about!!!


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