Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ohh what a night!

Taylor Scully with Santa Claus... She did really well this year! Last year she wouldn't even sit on his lap. Taylor's such a good girl!

The Gang
{Sean, Taylor, Santa Claus & Sally... Ryan got his head cut off, oops!}

Mrs. von Gymnich... With Santa Claus... Ahh too cute!

The Engelmans & Otts... No one cried!

We did have some criers.... Nice laughing dad {Scott}!

& a High Fiver...

Who ran like the wind...

VG's Cupcakes were a HUGE hit... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!

The party in the rooster... Getting wild!

Look at these little angels!

Adorable picture Lily & Thomas... Santa said, you both were on the nice list!

Taylor with her partner in crime miss chloe, chloe... All smiles
{probably from the VG cupcakes... Sugar!}

Ahhh my BFF miss Lily. This little one is so fun/hysterical to talk to. When she comes into the rooster with her mommy... We talk about EVERYTHING! Great picture missy!

Me & Santa... Hello, I had to tell him what I wanted for Christmas this year!
Mr. Scully & Ryan Chatting it up with Mr. Claus... Ryan so thinks he's getting a Choo Choo Train this year {Look at that face.. I did it, spoke with Santa!}
I have to end with Joy...
Yes, her name really is Joy & She's a Joy to be around! Look at that face! Too cute... Plus, I love how she coordinated her outfit with Santa's. I think she's just trying to win some present points with Santa... Nice Job Joy! LOL!

I just want to thank everyone who came over to the rooster to take a picture with Santa & enjoy some Christmas Cheer & Bubbly! We greatly appreciate all your Christmas Spirit & rooster support! Thank you again... Saturday was so much FUN & a HUGE success!

Remember to come into the rooster
Saturday, December 19th {10am to 5pm}
to pick up your FREE photo's with Santa!


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