Tuesday, January 12, 2010


1.) Dresser... Has the primer on it {pick a color & it's yours}

2.) Desk... Has primer on it {pick a color & it's yours} - SOLD

3.) Night stand/dresser... Has primer on it {pick a color & it's yours} - SOLD

4.) White low long dresser - SOLD
5.) Little mini hutch/cabinet

Close up of trim... Pretty cute!

6.) Rectangular mirror

7.) Pedestal kitchen or dining room table

8.) Glass hutch
9.) Bar stool {we have 3 of them}

10.) Dresser - SOLD

11.) Nightstand {we have 2 of them}

12.) Dresser

13.) Nightstand... Primed & ready for paint
14.) Desk - SOLD

15.) Bookshelf/nightstand

16.) Dresser/nightstand

17.) Chair

18.) Chair

19.) Chair

20.) Desk

21.) Trays... Perfect for really anything!

See... You can use this tray on top of your dresser for decoration or catch all.
22.) Large Blue & White Pot

23.) Farm table... I created this one.
LOVE it! You can order it in any size or color you want.

close up of farm table

close up of top of farm table
24.) Rectangular white mirror
close up of mirror
25.) We have TONS of Sand Dollars
26.) We have TONS of Knobby Starfish

27.) We have TONS of Finger Starfish {my favorite}

28.) Rectangular black coffee table
29.) Square coffee table
30.) Remember these nautical signs well their 50% off... WOW!
31.) Black rectangular coffee table
32.) White Wood lounge chair
33.) Black Highboy dresser

34.) White low long dresser - SOLD
25.) White bookcase
If you have any questions on measurements or pricing
please call rustic rooster,

1 comment:

  1. i saw you taking pics today and almost honked but didn't want to startle you haha! i hope to come in and shop this weekend. GREAT STUFF!!!


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