Sunday, January 17, 2010

this is it

I've been going back & forth on what I would like for Ryan's train/play table to be. 1st Santa {grandma} bought him a Target table... It was inexpensive & simple, but we both felt it didn't have any character {little wobbly} & it was cheap looking too. So I was going through all of my old pictures & saw this one {sorry, I don't know what blog I got it from} & realized that I want this for his train table & in that same exact green color. I'm going to have 2 made one for moms house & one for mine. Prefect now I have to have Contractor John make it. Can't wait!


  1. wow i love that table! green is my favorite color too! we found harpers table at the consignment store in encinitas. it was a huuuuuge dining table that they were selling for $30. i had collin cut the legs down to train table height and we also took out the leaves. we glued the actually train set to a leftover piece of beadboard, that way we didn't have to glue directly onto the table, in case we ever wanted to use the table one day (we'd of course put new legs on if we did want to). so now we just lay the beadboard on top of the table when he wants to play with it, and if he doesn't want to play we can take it off. he is in LOVE with his train set though, so it has remained a permanent fixture in our living room. we got our actually train set from the learning express in carlsbad. we LOVE it and it is way cheaper than the thomas ones, but just as cute. the thomas trains work on it too, which is nice.

    ps. the boots are from looooove the boots, you must get them!! i told collin that they will remain in our family and we'll pass them on to each kid. it'll be sooo adorable when they are older to look at the tiny boots. i am sure when they are all grown up, i'll have them displayed somewhere in our house. i won't ever box them away because they are that cute!

  2. That's awesome!!!! I've been looking, but haven't found what I want yet. I got all of Ryans trains & tracks at Ikea... Dirt cheap plus you can use other trains on the tracks. I'm going to glue his down too. We have tracks all over the house. A little crazy!

    Thanks for the boot tip... I'm going to take a peak. Ryan's birthday is going to be {trains or cowboy} with all the cousins this year till he goes to pre-school then at his 3rd he will have a big bash like Taylor. Taylor on the other had will have a big bash this year {turning 4}... So fun!




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