Tuesday, January 5, 2010

{long day}

Went for a run {1 of my new years resolutions} this morning & felt great afterwords! Ready to start my day with energy!

Went to work {I was kind of excited... I LOVE what I do}

The rooster re-opened from our little Christmas & New Years break! Yaaaa we're back & look great! I was {we all were} so busy at the store {cleaning, selling & catching up on tons of stuff} that I forgot to take a picture of the new, nice, clean & perfect walls {thanks Jeraldo}... Sorry! Maybe tomorrow I will. I do know I have to photograph all the new pieces of furniture that just came in. Will post those tomorrow... Check back to see all the new goodies {furniture & accessories}

Took the kids to the park... We walked there so mommy could get more exercise! Like the helmets... Ryan got a skateboard for Christmas so we were prepared {as much as we could be... 911 was on speed dial, just in case}. What am I doing giving a 21 month old a skate board... I do think I'm crazy. But, he loves it... That's my BOY!

Ryan had the death grip on his skateboard. He wouldn't let anyone touch it! In this picture he was telling Taylor to back off... {That's the norm}.

Got home & wanted Taylor's swim bag on the table...

Threw a tantrum & freaked out!

I got my trusty apron out & started creating dinner...

Now it's time for ME & Mr. Wine!
Its been a long day... But, LOVED it!
Hope everyone had a great day... What ever it might have been!


  1. yaaay!!!! now you can have mini freak outs along with me while our little dare devils attempt new tricks. haha. boys are CRAZY! love all the pics and glad Rustic Rooster is open!!! Hope to stop by soon:)

  2. you have wonderful taste and a beautiful blog. i have a shop in CA as well...though it's lingerie.
    so glad i found your site!
    xox alison



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