Monday, January 25, 2010

laundry room envy

My clothes would be so crisp & clean & perfectly ironed in this laundry room! Shh I secretly love doing the laundry... Please don't tell anyone! Maybe it's a control thing. Ha ha ha The color is calming... & all that white just helps with making everything so CLEAN! I should just pull up a white linen rolled arm chair on casters & then my world would be 100% complete. I think {know} I would have a sign hanging on the door... NO KIDS ALLOWED! I do have laundry room envy... soooo bad!


  1. i'm not fond of laundry, but that would change in a heartbeat if i had that laundry room!

  2. I'm a firm believer that laundry rooms and pantries are perhaps the most unappreciated spaces in our homes! "Work horses" don't need to be ugly! Stop by for a visit!

  3. Hi Alex, I love love love laundry rooms! I think they are so overlooked and can turn out so pretty as your photo showed. I did a little post about my laundry room being"naked" as it were, because I pulled all of the shelves out and left it really spare and I love it that way.

    Thanks for sharing : )



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