Thursday, January 31, 2019

what are you

Are you a green thumb or a black thumb? I'm in between. Some days I'm so into gardening and its super exciting. My garden looks gorgeous! Then I forget to tend to my garden the next week. I really have good intentions, but life for me takes over. After our re-mo "phase 2" is complete and I don't have to jump over boxes, tarps and empty paint cans I'm going dive in again and make a few spots in my yard glorious. I believe if you have an old house that needs tons of TLC... Just get rid of the junk surrounding your property and plant a few pots with glorious flowers. That's all you need to help your exterior space out. Clean up and plant... Then you can tackle exterior projects one step at a time. So back to the question... Are you a green thumb or a black thumb? TRUTH: I'm a middle thumb {wink}. Just keeping it real! 

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