Tuesday, January 29, 2019

hart of dixie

Ahhhh Hart of Dixie was such a cute little TV series to watch! I was flipping through Netflix one night and saw a clip of it and said, Hmmm this looks so cute, why not!? Seriously, Why not! The main character is beyond adorable. Her fashion and beauty style is so fun and creative. Big time New Yorker girl turned small town Souther charmer. I could get used to that... I think the main actor, Zoe Hart {Rachel Bilson} is no joke 5'2"  tall so some of the outfits wouldn't work for me {wink}... But the creativity is fabulous! The kids decided to join me watching it. Heads up, it does talk about sex, but you don't visually see any of that. So I think its still rated a little Gish. Now I know some of you moms and dads reading this might say, OH BOY what are you doing? I know, but guess what I would rather have my kids be able to talk to me about sex than not talk to me at all about it and get into trouble. Yes, Taylor and Ryan are still young but since they go to public school and with todays social media outlets sex is everywhere! Kids talk about it more than you think. Well, They don't have any boyfriends or girlfriends knocking at my door yet. But my communication with them is O P E N, R E A L and very H O N E S T! I grew up in a household that it wasn't spoken of. Not saying my childhood experience was bad... Actually my childhood was insanely good. Too good to be true! I always say this, If their were unicorns in the world, I would have had them in my backyard! I just wished my mom and dad were a little more open about all that. That topic was wasn't really discussed...  OK How did I get off on that tangent. Just watch this series. It has such a small town loving feel... Makes you want to move, keep your friends very close, dress super cool, eat tons of baked goods, be honest and fall in l o v e! GO... GO... GO watch it! 

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