Tuesday, January 8, 2019

new year... new start

New Year... New start! Right? NO! NO! NO! Everyday is a New Year... New Start! I kept thinking about all my New Years resolutions and goals, but realized one very important thing, every morning I wake up I can actually start over and start new intentions. New Start! I read a fabulous book by Tim Tebow, This is The Day and It's true, This is The Day... Make it the best day of your life. Have fun stop worrying and go! Play with your kids, leave the laundry in the basket, make those cookies and eat them! You never know what will happen today, tomorrow or even in 30 minutes. Hey,  we all should definitely make a list of goals and break them all down, step by step to accomplish them... I get that, but we need to remember that life is fast and overtime we keep putting more and more pressure on ourselves and we truly miss one thing that's the most important to all... Our Happiness. I believe I have told you all this before... Every morning I wake up and say,  today is the day! No joke I do this every morning!  Everything is going to be awesome! HA HA Emmet from the Lego movie actually has it right! Everything is awesome! lol I think of all the things i'm grateful for {my family, my kids, my bed, my job, my health, the food on the table, the sky... etc.} and say them over and over again! I know some people have it harder than others and I'm not disputing that, but getting your mind into the right frame is truly the key. If it means signing yourself up for therapy... GO DO IT! If it means eating healthy... GO DO IT! If it means you need to get out and exercise... GO DO IT! You truly can do anything you put your mind to. Yes, my father passed away from Prostate Cancer... Yes, I have had very difficult design clients. Yes, I got a divorce.  Yes, I've fallen off my healthy eating wagon... Yes, I have yelled at my children so loud that my voice practically went out... Yes, I've signed up for that marathon and never showed up for it... Yes, Yes, Yes... But guess what does that mean I should just sit on the couch and eat bon bons and wait till next year to start all over. NOPE! Come on people it's ok to fail... Making a list will definitely help you see what you need to do, but if you feel overwhelmed just take one day at a time and one goal at a time. Go slow and be very simple {realistic}. I have never been happier with all the choices that I have made. O K yes I've made a few mistakes along the way {who hasn't, we're all human}... But guess what every day is a new day... New start! Are you all getting my point? A new year is fabulous with T O N S of same old goals and intentions, but everyday is truly amazing and a new start {year}. Look at your journey that way! What can you do differently today that you didn't do yesterday. It might be... Wear some lipstick and clean out your closet, to smile at 5 people when you're out walking. My favorite is to compliment someone you've never met. I love seeing the glow on someones face when I let them know I love their hair or shoes. It takes one positive foot forward to make the right decisions. DO IT!

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