Tuesday, January 22, 2019

looking up

Yesterday was such an easy drapery install... Seriously so smooth I forgot about all my design problems! Now, lets go back a few months... Right before Christmas to be exact. I was on the hunt for thin brass drapery rods with brass rings. That's where my situation got ugly. Had a few ugly days asking why, why, why! The hardware situation was taking a left turn for the absolute worst. Every rod we would find would either be too expensive or just the wrong design/finish. Custom was definitely in the stars... But it wasn't going in our favor! Then I stumbled upon a great deal from Ballard's Designs. Yes, Ballard's Designs with the catalogue and online shopping store! That magical place! I saw some fabulous brass rods and rings in it. I knew I had to jump on that train and get them...  ASAP! They were on sale and free shipping. Now thats what dreams are made of... SALE and FREE SHIPPING!  It was go time! I ordered them and I am so happy I did!  Now back to the drapery install... As I opened the box and saw the rods I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath,  then said, "This is going to look great!" They did! So the reason for this post is, you can find less expensive rods that can still achieve that million dollar look, without breaking the bank! 

French Return Drapery Hardware, 28" - 48"

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