Friday, January 18, 2019

book #1 {january 2019}

F Y I... I'm not a big reader at all. I have to make myself read at night. Remember when your mom or dad would set the kitchen timer  and make you read for 20 to 30 minutes a night when you were younger... Yup, I do that to myself! Don't get me wrong, some books grab my attention and I get sucked into the fabulous world of reading and feel so amazing after... And then want to tell everyone about it! Of course Danielle Steel's Romance novels  suck me in {wink wink} and I can read super fast! So in 2019 I'm reading a book a month... Want to jump on board with reading this book with me for the month of January? I should have told you all about my journey earlier {so sorry}, but with Christmas  New Years, kids, work and traveling I haven't been on social media that much! Hey, better late than never... Right? So go get Girl, Wash Your Face, By Rachel Hollis. I got it for Christmas and so far so good! I'm really liking it... A lot! I won't say anything till i'm {you're} done. Hurry up people! Go get it and we can chat about all the positives, negatives and huge teachings that the book has to offer! I know some of you could read this book in a day {braggers}... So I've been told that! 

Look on the upper right side bar of my blog and see rustic roosters book club suggestion of the month. This will be so fun! 

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