Thursday, January 24, 2019

what the what

JCrew Outfit (Stripe Skirt + L/S Tee)Women's Clothing - New Sweaters, Dresses, Shoes, Women's Boots & Skirts - J.Crew Factoryjcrew-sunglasses-new-habituallychic-011preppy, casual yet dressy & classy. loving this!    JCrew, Outfit, InspoJ.Crew Spring 2015: blue top, skinny jeans, silver metallic sandals and blue tote.Wear-to-Work from J.Crew 2012 but still cute. nice color combo with the leopard print heels.

{OK} I'm not a fashion blogger or a fashion stylist at all. I'm my own stylist to me, myself and I... And I love it for me! I'm sure you all have figured out my go to style is J-Crew. But what's happening with them. I get they've had a lot of problems financially {tried to get so high end and a little untouchable to buy}, fired a few people {that happens}, but their last run with clothes... "What the heck is going on!" J-crew is not trendy. Lets all say this together... J-Crew is NOT trendy at all! They're so classic it's awesome! I walked into their store yesterday and about fell over. Everything was on sale and and and it was so empty {such a cold feeling}. I nearly fell over and gasped. B U T,  I pulled myself together for all classy lady in the world and said, a little prayer silently put my game face on and walked out. What's going on? Please say, they have realized J-Crew is NOT trendy and they need to go back to the basics and stay classic! I'm crossing my fingers an entire new fabulous classic line is coming out!!!!! I believe in you J-Crew! So lets all clothes are eyes and pray changes is coming... And old school J is coming back!

Women's Clothing - New Sweaters, Dresses, Shoes, Women's Boots & Skirts - J.Crew Factory Conjuntos de ropa bonitos de la marca J. CrewTo be clear, I did not look further into this "muffin top" article, but I like the preppy top with boyfriend fit denim.

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